The Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures is pleased to announce the winner of the first annual departmental Graduate Student Mentoring Award: Professor Herb Eagle. The award recognizes research faculty who are outstanding mentors to doctoral students, by supporting their intellectual, scholarly, and professional growth, and encouraging intellectual engagement.

Numerous current and past graduate students nominated Professor Eagle. One nominee stated, “[Herb is] a passionate and dedicated teacher, original thinker, outstanding researcher, and an inspiring mentor and leader.” Another said, “Herb’s intellect and gracious leadership aided me in navigating unconventional learning and career pathways not only within our Department, but also in my interdisciplinary work and collaborations with other scholars within different research Centers and Institutes on campus.” 

While inspiring students is one of the key features of every successful teacher, Professor Eagle took this quality to the next level. He has educated generations of successful scholars in Slavic studies, one of which writes, “I have known Professor Herbert Eagle for fifteen years now. He was the professor in my first-year seminar on Russian cinema, whose lectures eventually inspired me to pursue an academic career in Slavic Studies. Thirteen years later, he was on my committee when I defended my dissertation, and finally he was the one who took me to lunch six months ago to celebrate my newly acquired position as an Assistant Professor in Slavic Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. My debt and gratitude to Professor Eagle is hardly unique to me.”

Professor Eagle has made a true impact on the department, faculty, graduate students, and alumni. This is a well-deserved award for Professor Eagle and the department congratulates and thanks him for his years of mentorship and service.