Russian 322 (Russia Today) – ULWR (1 Position at .50)

Course Description: Russian 322: This course is intended to introduce aspects of Russia today to a general student audience, with especial emphasis on contemporary Russia as a “multi-national” country. Various features of modern Russia will be examined through such diverse materials as the literature, cinema, and political history of recent years. Among the many issues which this course intends to raise are:

  • the complexities and contradictions of Russia as a multi-ethnic country (or, as most Russian-speakers would put it, a country of many different “nationalities”);
  • the attempt to recover the past in Russian culture today;
  • the ways we look at the Russians through our own media;
  • the economic and political transformations of Russia, as reflected in culture and everyday life.

Particular attention will be paid to the conflicts in the North Caucasus, their meaning for Russia, and their representation in Russian culture, and to other “hot spots” of ethnic and national conflict that have emerged in recent years.

GSI duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • The GSI will lead discussions based on week’s reading and film assignments in three discussion sections per week.
  • The GSI will grade two papers and three writing assignments from each student, and will read for pass/fail grading students’ journals.
  • Holding regular office hours to assist students throughout the course.
  • GSI will also be available over email and help students in case they have any questions pertaining to the course.
  • Meeting regularly with the course instructor.
  • Attendance at lectures.

Selection Criteria:

  • relevant academic preparation for teaching the course material;
  • (preferably) prior GSI experience/with favorable student evaluations;
  • overall academic performance and progress toward the degree;
  • relevance to graduate training;
  • specific needs of the program and its students;
  • ability to work with diverse student body and with very diverse assignments (fiction, popular travel tales, historical analysis, current news in various media, feature films, and so on);
  • willingness to develop innovative approaches in the class room;
  • scheduling constraints.

Selection Process:

The instructor will make the selection based on the above criteria.

Please send a cover letter, résumé and relevant information to: 


Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures
3040 Modern Languages Building
812 E. Washington Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Or email materials to Jennifer White at 

Ph: 734-764-5355


Application Deadline: 8/30/11

Decision Making Date: 9/2/11 or earlier

Late Process: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


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