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Program Curriculum

Because the U-M Residential College (RC) is the academic sponsor for Semester in Detroit, all courses offered are listed through the RC. PLEASE NOTE, however: students do not have to be enrolled in the RC to participate. Semester in Detroit is available to ALL U-M undergraduates regardless of their school or department.  Most SID courses can be used to meet College of LSA distribution requirements for the social sciences and the humanities. In some cases, SID courses can be used to meet concentration requirements (but this is ultimately determined by a concentration advisor.) Finally, the credits students earn in Semester in Detroit count towards the LSA Minor in Urban Studies. To learn more about how Semester in Detroit fulfills the requirements of the Urban Studies minor, visit the webpage: Earning the Urban Studies Minor


The Basics for Fall (13-18 credits):

Foundational Courses: (required)

RCSSCI 360-003 - 20th Century Detroit History (3) – Stephen Ward
RCCORE 301 - Field Internship with Detroit Community Organization (4) – Craig Regester 
RCCORE 302 - Internship Reflection Seminar (2) – Craig Regester 
*RCIDIV 350 - Detroit Speaker Series (1) – Stephen Ward 

Elective Courses: (must choose one)

RCCORE 334-005: Grassroots Community Organizing for Environmental Justice (3) – Diana Copeland

*The subject/professor for the second Fall 2018 elective course is TBD; dependent upon hiring process. Check back in April for more information!*

Mini-Courses or Independent Studies (optional)

*Detroit Fellows Tutoring Project (1-3) – Wayne State Class open to SID students
Independent Studies (1-2) – ARR by SID faculty per student proposal


The Basics for Spring (9 credits)

Foundational Courses: (required)

RCSSCI 360-101: 20th Century Detroit History (3) – Stephen Ward
RCCORE 301 - Field Internship with Detroit Community Organization (2) – Craig Regester
RCCORE 302 - Internship Reflection Seminar (1) – Craig Regester

Elective Courses (1 required):

RCCORE 334-101: Grassroots Community Organizing for Environmental Justice (3) – Diana Copeland
RCCORE 334-102: Detroit: Beyond the other – Creative Writing (3) – Lolita Hernandez

*Indicates that the course may not run every semester of our program. For any questions, please email us at