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Rashard Haynesworth (SID Spring 2011)

Rashard interned with Raquet Up Detroit, a youth development program located in Northwest Detroit. Racquet Up combines the sport of squash, with academic tutoring and mentoring to help serve youth in the community. Since taking part in SID, Rashard graduated and moved back to Detroit to work full-time with Racquet Up Detroit. He currently serves as the Academic and Community Engagement Coordinator for the organization. He often credits his current success to SID, because it led to his current work at Racquet Up!

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Rashard Haynesworth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SID Work Plan

Racquet Up Detroit                                                                                                       

1. Background                                                                                                          

Racquet Up Detroit is a non-profit seeking to support and empower youth in the city of Detroit through an intensive after-school program which combines the sport of squash, with academic tutoring, literacy development, fitness education, community service, and mentoring. Racquet Up Detroit was established in 2010 through a collaboration with the National Urban Squash and Education Association (NUSEA). This past January Racquet Up began working with 35 5th grade students from two Detroit Public Schools, Schulze Academy and MacDowell Elementary. Some of the goals of Racquet Up are to promote participants’: physical fitness, reading abilities, self-esteem and strength of character, educational attainment – high school and college graduation. Racquet Up also aims to promote a sense of pride in the students’ local community through a series of monthly community service projects. Students have the opportunity to travel across the United States with Racquet Up to compete in national Squash competitions as they progress in the program.

2. Project Goals                                                                                                        

Promote a healthy and active lifestyle for elementary students in Northwest Detroit through the Presidents Active Lifestyle Award challenge.

Research and locate engaging summer opportunities/camps for the Racquet Up students.  

3. Project Objectives           

·      Presidential Active Lifestyle Award challenge (PALAC)

o   Rejuvenate the fitness program through daily announcements and reminders

o   Have 90% of students complete the challenge

o   Continue to promote the nice weather as an opportunity to be active outside

o   Raise the level of participation in the PALAC over the next 6 weeks

o   Develop an incentive plan to motivate the kids to complete the challenge

o   Organize a party at the end of the school year for the kids that complete the challenge

·      Summer Opportunities/Camps

o   Develop a survey for the kids to gage what their summer plans are and what type of summer camp would best suit them

o   Research summer opportunities/camps for RU students

o   Contact local schools and organizations about summer programs

o   Assist in matching students with summer programs that best fit their needs

o   Find 15-20 viable summer opportunities for Racquet Up students by May 23

o   Develop brochures on the various summer opportunities/camps for the students by June 5


4. Resources                                                                                                             

I will be working directly with my supervisor, Derek, and the rest of the staff on the majority of the matters concerning the organization. I will be involved in the selection process of students for events like national squash competitions, and other special opportunities. I will also be working directly with all of the volunteers in the classroom and on the squash courts to assist in the development of the students both academically and competitively. 

5. Anticipated Constraints/Challenges

o   Failure on my part to motivate the kids to actively participate in the PALAC

o   Identifying summer opportunities/camps for the kids that best suit their needs

o   Outside environmental factors like problems at home or at school

o   Lack of communication between myself, the rest of the staff, and the students

o   Getting enough kids to complete the PALAC by the deadline

6. Evaluation Assessment

o   An increase in the number of students participating in the PALAC to about 75%

o   75% of kids take part in summer opportunities/camps

o   90% of students complete the PALAC by the deadline

o   An increase in P4 Scores for each student to 90%