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SiD.10 Attendees

Are your friends registered for SiD.10? Find out here, and tell your friends who aren't on the list to register now!

To motivate SiD alumni to come, we are excited to share with you this list of currently registered SiD.10 attendees as of 3/28/19. If for any reason you'd rather not have your name listed, just let us know and we'll remove it immediately. Thank you for your support!

Winter 2009:
Jen Cowhy
Diana Flora
Angie Coe
Paula Priebe

Winter 2010:
Zoe Miller
Patrick Cooper-McCann
Patrick Morris

Winter 2011:
Alyssa Reese

Winter 2012:
Deonte Howell 

Spring 2012:
Mary Naoum
Megan LaCroix
Stevon Rendon
Alana Hoey Moore
Shannon (Gonyou) Niznik
Sam Morykwas
Danielle Wilson
Eleanor Gamalski
Ray Batra
Morgan Princing

Winter 2013:
Jenna Fiore
Michael Williams
Lisa Tencer
Hanan Yahya

Winter 2014:
Katey Carey
Kaitlin Prakken
Nicholas Frontera
Gabrielle Hunt
John Downes

Spring 2014:
Willa Adamo
Jon Riley

Spring 2015:
Eric Riley
Kathleen Hurley

Fall 2015:
Michelle Rabaut
Elena Mosher
Alexis Lowe

Spring/Summer 2016:
Valeriya Epshteyn
Leah Schneck
Logan Applebee
Brittany Simmons
Nick Aquino
Danielle Weitzman
Chanelle Davis

Fall 2016:
Noah Krasman
Joanna Hwang
Ava Landgraf

Spring/Summer 2017:
Ruby Schneider
Max Lubell
Allyssa Garza
Stacia Everett
Jamaica Jordan

Fall 2017:
Emily Zonder
Julia Ervin
Michael Garzelloni
Alon Samuel 

Spring/Summer 2018:
Hannah Myers
Johanna Tuthill
Kevin Hu
Stephanie Doyle
Sommer Albert
Samuel Maves
Andrea Pérez Balderrama
Olivia Naimi
Holly Wood

Fall 2018:
Erica Meyers
Kira Appelman
Hannah MacDonald-Campbell
Annelise Droste
Hannah Freeland