With the spring application deadline behind us, we have turned our attention toward recruitment for the fall Semester in Detroit program. While the underlying pedagogy and practice are the same as our spring program, there are many unique benefits to participating in our fall program. 

First, the general rhythm and flow of the program is much better paced and more even-keeled. SiD is always an intense combination of classes, internships, and daily life in a big city; but the fall program allows so much more space, time and breathing in between these dynamic experiences. This slower pacing allows students more opportunity to digest what they are learning, and provides faculty and staff with more 1:1 time with students.  

Second, unlike our spring program which is only open to U-M Ann Arbor, SiD’s fall program attracts students from multiple universities and campuses: undergraduate students from U-M Flint, U-M Dearborn and Grand Valley State University all are welcome to apply. This demographic diversity of students leads to wider depth and breadth of experience, and makes the overall program more impactful for our entire learning community.

Lastly, thanks to a special donor fund, SiD’s fall program offers students subsidized (and often free!) opportunities to experience Detroit’s vast cultural offerings including access to: special museum exhibitions at the DIA and the Charles H. Wright Museum; concerts and performances at venues including: Bert’s, the State Theater, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Masonic Temple, the Michigan Opera Theater, and more; film screenings and documentaries; and much, much more. 

Learn more here about the unique aspects of Semester in Detroit’s Fall 2021 Program. And feel free anytime to reach out to us with your questions and/or to schedule a phone or Zoom chat. We look forward to hearing from you!