I T   W A S   A   S U N N Y   S E P T E M B E R

We welcomed our first fall cohort on the hottest weekend in September + they are A M A Z I N G! We didn't let the heat stop us but spent our first day hopping around the Grandmont Rosedale neighborhood with SID alums Dani Wilson + Larissa Carr, both of whom work for the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation. We always love exposing our students to Detroit's beautiful neighborhoods + people, especially when it include time with our alums. 

L E T ' S   M A K E   S O M E   I N T R O D U C T I O N S

Michelle is a Junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in American Culture and Urban Studies. She is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan and her whole family prior to her being born grew up in Detroit, so she constantly finds herself here for different reasons. She is in an organization at UM called Crowd 313, and their mission is to connect UM students with the city of Detroit through cultural exchanges and events. Within the last year or so she has become hyper-interested in the history of Detroit, especially since her hometown has such a prominent place in its history. She is super excited to learn more about Detroit in-depth and from natives to the city, experience Detroit city-life first hand, and remain in the city for an extended period rather than for a quick event. Michelle is interning with City Councilwoman Raquel Castaneda-Lopez's Office where she'll spend the semester developing an improved constituent concerns' tracking system, as well as participate in several Council sub-committees.  

Elena is a Sophomore in the Residential College (doing Spanish).  She is undeclared, but she'd like to do something with social/environmental justice. She has some family and friends in the Detroit area, and through them she's been able to experience some of the awesome things about Detroit. She is super excited to explore the city and become more involved with it.This summer she was in her hometown in northern Michigan working on an organic vegetable and flower farm. She's interested in checking out some of the urban farms around Detroit. She loves to run, dance, play/listen to music, do art, and cook (and eat!). Elena is interning with Centro de San Jose where she is developing curriculum and teaching English as a second language for residents in various SW Detroit neighborhoods.  

Meghan is a Senior majoring in Civil Engineering with minors in Program in Sustainable Engineering and Urban Studies. She is from Milford, Michigan. Her dad was born and raised in Detroit and her grandmother still lives here so she's had the opportunity to experience the city throughout her life. She's looking forward to living in the city and spending more time there. She likes to run and plans to run the Detroit marathon this fall. Meghan is interning with the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy where she is assisting with land and parcel surveys as they continue to expand their footprint along the Detroit River.  

Alexis is a Junior Women's Studies major. She is from the city of Detroit--she thought the program would be a great opportunity to learn more about her city and how it operates. While here she would like to visit the Eastern Market and take full advantage of the many events, stores, and opportunities that Detroit has to offer. Alexis is interning with the Detroit Community Health Connection's Healthy Teens Center where she is helping to strengthen their community outreach strategies through asset-mapping and social media.  

Leah is a Sophomore in the Residential College. She is studying Spanish in the RC and she also hopes to do the Social Theory and Practice major. She has lived in Ann Arbor her entire life so she grew up very close to Detroit and has spent some time visiting the city, but not a whole lot. That is why she is so excited to be living in the city this fall. She likes to read and be outdoors and go biking. Leah is interning with Alternatives for Girls where she is helping to mentor young girls in their after-school prevention program.  

Katie is a Junior this fall studying Art History and Sociology. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, she has visited Detroit countless times ever since she was little + what she is really looking forward to is experiencing the city over an extended period of time. She loves spending time outdoors, playing lacrosse, making all kinds of art, prison reform, and social justice.  Some of the things she wants to do this semester are visit the Motown Historical Museum, Eastern Market, Belle Isle Park, and attend concerts and events around the city. Katie is interning with The Detroit Historical Society where she is helping to research and develop materials for their 2017 educational exhibit on the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Rebellion.

Riva is a Junior at U of M in the English program. She transferred in last year after a year at Spring Arbor, and before that she was an aircraft maintainer on active duty in the Air Force for 4 years. She is still in the Air National Guard. She is originally from Minnesota, she likes to work out, she would rather read than watch TV, she loves watching sports but can't play any, she's afraid of bowling, she loves Latin dance and she's trying to learn Spanish! Riva is interning with InsideOut Literary Arts Project where she is helping to improve administrative systems and assist Writers-in-Residence in teaching creative writing at The Boggs School.


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