Congratulations to our four student recruitment team members who graduated in May - Jamaica Jordan, Ruby Schneider, Allyssa Garza, and Stacia Everett. All four of these students participated in the spring 2017 cohort, and they’ve each been working for the student recruitment team for 3 full years. Each year brought its own challenges on campus and in the broader world, but our team faced these challenges together by building a familial atmosphere and honoring each other's needs while getting our recruitment work done. While we would obviously like to thank Ruby, Allyssa, Jamaica, and Stacia for their commitment to SiD, we also want to thank them for their vulnerability and care for one another that created a uniquely close working environment for all of us. It’s been an honor to work with all of you and we’re going to miss you dearly. The SiD office won’t be the same without you in it!

See more information below about our team members:

Jamaica Jordan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Gender & Health Future. After graduation, she will be spending a year as an Americorps City Year volunteer working in Detroit Public Schools. Jamaica will also be applying to medical schools for Fall 2021.

Ruby Schneider graduated with an BA in Social Theory and Practice with minors in CASC and French. Her thesis (advised by Jennifer Myers and Katie Richards-Schuster) was titled Exploring Youth Engagement: A Case Study in Gun Violence Prevention Organizing, received highest honors. Ruby is currently working on Eli Savit’s campaign for prosecutor in Washentaw County.

Allyssa Garza graduated with a BA in Social Theory & Practice and a minor in Political Science. They wrote their senior thesis on how urban agriculture in Detroit tells the story of two distinct narratives of the city. For the immediate future, they will be working as a field organizer for the Michigan One Campaign. 

Stacia Everett graduated with a BA in Political Science and a minor in AfroAmerican and African Studies. She is planning to take a gap year to explore future plans for grad school or law school.


Congratulations, team! We can't wait to celebrate your accomplishments and our time together in person someday.