Ten Reasons to do to Semester in Detroit in Fall 2015!

1. As a longer-term commitment, the benefits of fall are more sustained and rewarding than the shorter spring semester. 

2. There is a lot of cool stuff going on in city, especially festivals like: Dlectricity, Detroit Design Festival, Jazz Festival, Dally in the Alley, Noel Night, etc.

3. The first cohort will have the opportunity to help us develop the new fall version of program.

4. Way better weather in Detroit! It's an excellent time for biking, walking around, meeting neighbors, and seeing the city.

5. Beginning SID in the fall semester sets the tone for an entire school year of engaged learning!

6. You are able to use your regular UM financial aid to help cover tuition.

7. A fall SID semester ensures you will be able to maintain year-long connections you make in the program on campus in Ann Arbor!

8. It's harvest season and a great time to get involved with Detroit's urban farming community and eat some great fresh food!  Roasted beets anyone?

9. Lions football!  World Series in Detroit for the Tigers?   

10. Most of all, it's a meaningful, dynamic and fun way to start off the school year! 
(And who knows about our football team anyways...)