Semester in Detroit takes pride in its tight-knit community: the city, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partner establishments that make up our multidimensional program. Now, we’re continuing to strengthen our relationships online. No, not via any eDating websites! We’re inviting every community member to contribute to our latest blog.

Managed by students, the Semester in Detroit Community Blog allows the reflection and discussion to continue away of the classroom, in the city, or after the semester program. For community partners who host our interns, SiD and U-M alumni, and even interested residents, the SiD Community Blog offers a space for everyone to express their thoughts on the City of Detroit. Anyone is welcome to comment or compose, just contact for contributor’s access to our Wordpress. 

“Wait!” Some alumni might say. “What happened to that blog I posted on throughout my whole Semester in Detroit?” Those former students remember the SemesterD blog, on which current Semester in Detroit students would write weekly posts about their experiences in the city. The program continues to keep SemesterD as a kind of live record of the program—and the city—from 2009 to 2011, but will no longer update any fresh content. Still, SemesterD and the new Semester in Detroit Community Blog are great resources for prospective SiD students who may want to get in touch with program alumni or read more about the Semester in Detroit experience.

Whether you have questions about the latest proposal to revamp the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, or you just want to tell us about the cute and kitschy antique store you just discovered on the West Side, the Semester in Detroit Community is ready and able to read your thoughts at