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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about LSA's scholarship opportunities for incoming LSA students?

Check this page first for quick answers to some of the most common questions we receive from students and parents. 

Are admitted students automatically considered for scholarships?

No. All admitted LSA students must apply for scholarships using either our Four-Year Renewable Scholarship application or our International Student Scholarship application—whichever they qualify for. By completing the appropriate application, students will be considered for all scholarships available to them as incoming first-year students.

Please note that there is a separate application for students who wish to be considered for the Bell Scholarship. For more information about applying for this scholarship, please visit the Bell Scholarship website. The Bell Scholarship application process is administered outside of our office, so any questions about this application or the review process should be directed to the contact information provided on their website. 

What scholarships are available to incoming first-year students?

Newly-admitted LSA students are eligible to apply for either a Four-Year Renewable Scholarship or an International Student Scholarship through the College of LSA. These scholarships are only for incoming students and are renewable for four years of undergraduate study. More information about these scholarships, including links to apply, can be found on their corresponding webpage. Students who complete the Four-Year Renewable Scholarship or International Student Scholarship application will be considered for all scholarships available to them through the College of LSA—whether they qualify for need-based awards, merit awards, or both.

How many scholarships are awarded each year to incoming students?

Each year, the LSA Scholarships Office awards approximately 200 scholarships to incoming students. The majority of these scholarships require that a student demonstrates financial need as reflected on their FAFSA and CSS profile. There are approximately 40 scholarships that are sometimes referred to as "merit" scholarships. This simply means that they can be awarded to students who do not have financial need. We also award a limited number of International Student Scholarships each year.

Admitted students who apply using the Four-Year Renewable Scholarship or International Student Scholarship application will be considered for all of the scholarships to which they are eligible.

Do I need to be enrolled to apply?

No. Students must be admitted to apply, but they do not have to be enrolled. We know that financial considerations can be a significant factor in choosing which school to attend. Regardless of the decision on their application, we send award notifications to students before the enrollment deadline, allowing them to make an informed financial decision.

How are incoming students selected for scholarships?

All of the scholarships available through the College of LSA are funded by generous donors to the college who want to help future communities of students succeed. When donors give to the college, they may request that the funds go to support students from a particular location, with specific academic interests, or in a challenging financial situation. We take this criteria into account for every scholarship we award. For example, if a donor wishes for their scholarship to go to a student from Saginaw, we will look for an applicant from Saginaw. If a donor prefers a student who has a demonstrated interest in creative writing, we’ll look for applicants who express a passion for writing. 

In addition to this donor criteria, our team matches students to scholarships based on their answers to the application questions, their admissions materials, and an evaluation of their financial need, if applicable.

Are merit scholarships available to incoming students?

In LSA, merit scholarships are a bit of a misnomer. Our scholarships are entirely funded by donors to the college, and we must follow their criteria for awarding. Additionally, all students admitted to the University of Michigan are excellent students who demonstrate merit, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

That being said, we award approximately 40 scholarships each year that are not strictly need-based. For these awards, there are no minimum required SAT/ACT scores, and we typically consider any incoming student with a 3.5 GPA or greater for these scholarships. Most importantly, we match students to the scholarships that fit our donors’ preferences based on the information students provide in their applications. For example, if a donor prefers to support a student planning to study astronomy, that is the criteria we will use to award.

Is a FAFSA or CSS profile required for students only seeking merit scholarships?

No. Students who are only interested in applying for merit scholarships do not need to submit a FAFSA or a CSS profile. A FAFSA and CSS profile are only required for students who wish to be considered for both need-based scholarships and merit scholarships. 

What is a Friend Account, and how do I get one?

For admitted students who have not yet enrolled at the university, a Friend Account is required to access all university systems, including the LSA Scholarships application portal.

If you do not have a Friend Account, you can request one here.

Once you have created your Friend Account, you will also need to get it authorized to use university systems. This step is required to access our application portal. To authorize your account, go to Wolverine Access. Click on the Students tab, then on New & Prospective Student Business, and log in using your newly created Friend Account ID and password. Verify your personal information, including your eight-digit UMID, which was emailed to you, as well as your birth date.

Once you have requested your friend account and authorized it, you will have access to our application system, plus a number of other university systems.

May I send supplemental materials to support my scholarship application?

While we have no doubt that the materials you wish to provide will demonstrate your many accomplishments and talents, we are unable to accept any supplemental materials. Should you choose to send them to our office anyway, they will not be read.

In order to create an equitable review process for all incoming students, we ask that you include any details you wish to share with us within the scholarship application itself. Remember that we are more interested in learning about you as a person—your interests and passions—than your GPA, test scores, or inclusion in honor lists, all of which we can already see through your admissions materials. Our application process is geared to match you to scholarships based on criteria like your academic interests, geographical location, or career goals, so we hope you'll tell us more about those in your application.

I received competitive scholarship offers from other universities. Will the University of Michigan match these awards?

We understand that the cost of attending Michigan, especially for out-of-state and international students, can be a big consideration for many families. Even if Michigan is a student's first choice, they may have other offers that are more financially desirable. Unfortunately, the University of Michigan does not match offers students receive from other universities. Incoming LSA students should apply for our Four-Year Renewable Scholarship or International Student Scholarship opportunities to be considered for scholarships, and they should apply for financial aid through the university to see if they qualify for need-based support. 

I was not selected for a Four-Year Renewable Scholarship or International Student Scholarship. Are there other scholarship opportunities I can pursue?

First, please know that the scholarship decision in no way diminishes your incredible accomplishments. Our office has very limited funding to share across a large incoming class and must decline thousands of exceptional scholarship applicants every year. 

Students who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents, and believe they may qualify for need-based support, should apply for financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid. Even if you are not sure, the Office of Financial Aid can help you determine any grants, scholarships, or loans that you qualify for. 

Students who enroll can apply for our Returning Student Scholarship every year, starting at the end of their freshman year, to be considered for one-year scholarships for fall/winter tuition support. Please keep in mind that these scholarships are awarded only to students who qualify for need-based support from the Office of Financial Aid. 

The University of Michigan Library has compiled a list of funding sources both internal and external to U-M. This resource can give you a good sense of the types of funding opportunities available to Michigan students and can point you toward external foundations and organizations with available scholarship opportunities. 



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