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Kessler Presidential Scholarship

One of the great universities in the world, the University of Michigan puts you on a path to success.

By providing four years of financial and other support to exceptional students like you, the Kessler Presidential Scholarship helps you stay on that path both at U-M and beyond.

The Kessler Presidential Scholarship provides four years of financial and other support to exceptional University of Michigan students like you—many of whom are among the first in their family to attend college—helping them achieve their dreams at U-M and beyond.

The Kessler Scholars are a close-knit community. Alongside current Kessler Scholars, Kessler alumni, and professional staff who are committed to your success, you’ll discover how to be your very best, and explore how your U-M degree can empower you to shape the world.

Every year, the University of Michigan receives almost 60,000 applications for a first-year class of fewer than 7,000. More than 4,000 students—like you—enroll in the U-M’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Of those 4,000, only 35 qualify to join the Kessler Scholars.




Ten years ago, the first Kessler Presidential Scholarship awards were made to 15 students. From that start, the Kessler Scholars Program has left an indelible legacy, making the dreams of the 130 Kessler Scholars who have earned degrees from the University of Michigan possible, and enabling the 160 current Kessler Scholars to pursue their academic goals here too. As we celebrate this milestone, we are also looking ahead to the next ten years to build an even stronger community and provide more life-changing opportunities for students.




Gail Gibson

Director, Kessler Presidential Scholars Program

Reginald Hammond Jr.

Assistant Director, Kessler Presidential Scholars Program 

Doug Fletcher

Assistant Director, LSA Scholarship Office