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Cast and Crew Opportunities 

SAC Class-Related Production Opportunities

Crew Call for SAC 404 Production: The Community

Dear Screen Arts & Cultures​ Undergraduates​,

I am looking to fill crew positions on a short film to be produced as part of SAC 404 this semester.

All types of production positions are available, including in the camera, grip & electric, and sound departments.

Brief Synopsis:

"The Community"

The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic bomb shelter, where a group of mid-to-high ranking intellectuals have come together in order to rebuild mankind following the nuclear holocaust. The story picks up on day 236 of shelter life, in which the Head of Medicine in The Community has a plan to end the moratorium on sex, which had been put in place due to concerns over nuclear radiation affecting newborns. The catch being that, after the ban on sex ends, sexual partners will be selected based on genetic compatibility. This causes a split in The Community, a pseudo-coup d'etat, which ends with an armed conflict in The Community on partner selection day.

Run time: ~20 minutes
Written and Directed by RJ Cron

Those interested in working on the production should email with areas of interest. No experience is necessary--just enthusiasm for filmmaking!

Compensation: Food and Drink will be provided on shoot days; as well as proper IMDb credits following completion.



Casting Call for SAC 300 Films: "Being" and "Gold Rush" (Feb. 17, 18 & 21)

Casting Call: "Being" and "Gold Rush"
Writers/Directors: Natalie Anderson and Seth Andrews
Producers: Veronica Slaven and Sydney Simoncini
Production Length: 5-10 minutes each


Looking for four males and two females for two short SAC 300 films.


Brad and Val, soon-to-be-graduating college seniors and best friends, quickly realize that their low-stakes, hippy dippy undergrad life is soon ending and the real adult world will be knocking at their door before they know it. Together they stumble through graduation and into the summer, but when econ major Brad gets a job in a different city and leaves Val to fend for her already struggling artist self, it leaves her helpless and discouraged. Through a series of fast pacing and editing, it unravels the story that imitates what life always does: keeps going.

"Gold Rush":

Two besties from different testes try to find love at an eccentric house party. They're not very good at it.

Available Roles:

Brad, 22 (BEING)

Laid back Vineyard Vines fan meets skater boy with an easy going demeanor. Bad at ollies and kickflips.

Val, 22 (BEING)

Brad's best friend. Art student who just wants to have her own gallery showing and break into the adult world.

Jack, ~20 (GOLD RUSH)

Lanky and constantly excited. Mostly believes in himself.

Daisy, ~20 (GOLD RUSH)

Resting bitch face with a heart of gold. Believes in herself but doesn't know it.

Porch Boy, ~20 (GOLD RUSH)

He's the cool queer punk belle of the ball. Makes use of starry-eyed stares.

Facebook Boy, ~20 (GOLD RUSH)

Actually has the most annoying voice. He tries really hard to send only chill vibes.

Casting calls will take place:

Saturday, February 17th from 1:00-4:00 pm, Mason Hall 2353

Sunday, February 18th from 7:30-10:30 pm, Mason Hall 2455

Wednesday, February 21st from 6:30-9:30 pm. Mason Hall 2330

Character sides for Brad, Val ("Being"), Jack, Daisy, Facebook Boy, and Porch Boy ("Gold Rush") are attached. Walk-ins welcome! Feel free to reach out with questions to or, or reach out on Facebook at

Please see attached pdf's for sides.

SAC 423 Casting Call for Extras and Bit Parts (Feb. 20)

Extras needed for Screen Arts and Cultures (SAC 423) production, entitled Lifematch.

Want a chance to be on the big screen at both the University of Michigan's Lightworks Festival and the Traverse City Film Festival? Read and fill out the accompanying form to join a talented cast and crew of your fellow U of M student on this exciting production.

Lifematch is a wonderfully original story set in Amara, a city partaking in a social experiment in which people are artificially matched with their ideal partner in an attempt to create a utopia, but are things really as perfect as they seem? Lifematch is a story of love, hope, freedom, and betrayal, bound to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

If interested, please complete the accompanying form and if you have any questions please contact Ashley Olney (Assitant Director) at  Serious inquiries only. Deadline for form submission is February 20th.


Casting & Crew Call for SAC 404 "Babel" (Feb. 20)


Tuesday 2/20
1-4 p.m. and 5:30-9 p.m.(You do not need to be available for both time slots.)
Argus Farm Stop 1200 Packard Street, Ann Arbor
Dress warm!
Food will be provided.

Babel is a 20-page screenplay written by Eli B. Winer. The screenplay has been accepted into the SAC 404 Advanced Filmmaker Workshop with Professor Dawn Hollison for production this winter semester. Babel is a unique and thought-provoking story about a world where people are no longer able to communicate with one another. The world population has severely decreased since ancient times and now every single person speaks a different language. Humans still have a social nature— trading goods and services, owning establishments, family units. And humans still pair off and reproduce (or act on hormonal attraction), but it seems that love and compassion may be lost...Until the protagonist one day overhears a person whose language he can understand. Who is this person? Why is the world like this? And where does society go from there?

Roles needed:

Light gaffer/grips

If interested in this date or future filming days (Sat. March 10, tentative Sat. March 17), contact Sean Moore ( or Emma Puglia (

U-M Organizations w/ SAC Student Involvement - Production Opportunites

There are  no opportunities in this category at this time. 

6th Floor Location Shooting Information

If you would like to use an area on the 6th floor to shoot for any part of your student production, please fill out the form below, and bring it to the SAC office (Room 6330 NQ) for approval at least one week before your requested shoot date.