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Meet the SAC Advisors

Dear students, I'm Chris McNamara, the Associate Chair of SAC and a lecturer in production. In my current role, I oversee the SAC curriculum and the Global Media Studies Minor. Dawn Hollison and I both do general advising for the major and minor but if you have questions about study abroad or transfer credits from other institutions or departments you should make an appointment with me. 


Hello! I'm Dawn Hollison, Lecturer and SAC Undergraduate Major Advisor. Please make an appointment to talk to me if you have any questions regarding course planning, the honors program, meeting your departmental requirements and/or graduation -- or if you are thinking about declaring and would like more information about Screen Arts & Cultures. For questions about study abroad or transferring credits from other departments or schools, please see Chris McNamara.

If you would like to declare during the summer, please contact Student Services Coordinator Carrie Moore at She will be able to process your declaration. 

Students who are ready to declare a SAC major/minor, please see the information on the SAC Major page. 

For information on internships, e-mail Mary Lou Chlipala with any questions.