Thank you for your interest in studying Spanish at the University of Michigan. We’ve created this landing page to give you more information about the Spanish Placement Test (SPT).

When you take the SPT, you acknowledge the work you submit will be your own. You agree that your answers are your own and that you will not give or get assistance on the test or use outside resources when taking the test. Finally, you also acknowledge that you have read the instructions, understand them, and agree to them as the test taker.

It is not possible to test out of the language requirement based on your online, unproctored (SPT) score. If your score places you in the range in which you would potentially meet the language requirement for your school or college, you will be required to validate your placement score by taking an in-person, proctored exam which is offered throughout the academic year.


Alternately, if you wish to enroll in SPANISH 277 instead of validating your score, you can do so. If you complete SPANISH 277 with a C- or better, you will have met the language requirement.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your progress toward meeting the language requirement.  

If you have questions about the placement test, you can direct them to