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This is a list of courses that count toward the Spanish minor’s literature requirement. The information on this list may occasionally vary by term. Always be sure to confirm that a course is counted as literature credit by consulting the LSA Course Guide each term.

Courses that meet the literature requirement will typically have literature in the title and/or include 50% or more reading materials of literary texts and genres  (e.g., poetry, fiction, chronicles, theater, essay).

Note: Spanish 296, 373, 430, 438, 485, and 488 are topics courses which vary by term. Some sections count toward the literature requirement and some count as electives. Please refer to the LSA Course Guide or contact for more information.


279-399 Level 

SPANISH 295 Introduction to Literature, Culture, and the Arts in the Hispanic World (prior to Winter 2019: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures)
SPANISH 331 Great Books of Spain and Latin America
SPANISH 332 Short Narrative in Latin America/Spain
SPANISH 337 Poetry Workshop
SPANISH 368 Literature and the Other Arts
SPANISH 371 Survey of Spanish Literature, I
SPANISH 372 Survey of Spanish Literature, II
SPANISH 381 Survey of Latin American Literature, I
SPANISH 382 Survey of Latin American Literature, II
SPANISH 387 Social Forces and Cultural Production in Medieval/Early Modern Spain

400 Level

SPANISH 400 Spanish and Latin American Literature in Translation
SPANISH 425 Latin American/Spanish Theater
SPANISH 437 Introduction to Literature Studies and Criticism
SPANISH 440 Literatures and Cultures of the Borderlands: The Politics of Language
SPANISH 442 Historical Memory and Testimony
SPANISH 450 Middle Ages
SPANISH 451 Spanish Literature of the Fifteenth Century
SPANISH 456 Golden Age
SPANISH 458 Early Modern Narrative
SPANISH 459 Cervantes
SPANISH 460 The Spanish Comedia
SPANISH 464 Spanish Romanticism
SPANISH 465 The Modern Spanish Novel, I
SPANISH 466 The Modern Spanish Novel, II
SPANISH 467 Literary and Artistic Movements in Latin America/Spain
SPANISH 468 Performance in the Hispanic World
SPANISH 470 Colonial Latin America
SPANISH 473 Colonial/Postcolonial Studies in Latin American Cultures
SPANISH 475 Latin American/Spanish Narrative
SPANISH 476 Latin American Poetry

***As of Fall 2020, SPANISH 335 Contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American Cultural Production, SPANISH 432 Gender, Sexuality, and Culture, and as of Spring 2020, SPANISH 472 Indigenous Societies will no longer be permanent literature courses, check the LSA Course Guide by term and section for literature credit eligibility.