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Spring 2021

Spanish Course Section Course Title Topic (if available) Instructor
372 101 Survey of Spanish Literature, II To Make a Long Story Short Mar Freire Hermida
423 101 Visual Cultures in the Hispanic World El desierto: Capital, Surveillance, Nomadism Ludmila Ferrari
467 101 Literary and Artistic Movements in Latin America/Spain The Social Movements in the History of Spain Javier Entrambasaguas
473 101 Colonial/Postcolonial Studies in Latin American Cultures Colonial Discourse and Postcolonial Theory Gustavo Verdesio


Fall 2021

Spanish Course Section Course Title Topic (if available) Instructor
295 all Introduction to Literature, Culture, and the Arts in the Hispanic World   all
296 001 Special Topics in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures Pandemics in Perspective: Illness, Anxiety and Addiction in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures Martínez-Acacio
313 001 Contemporary Issues in Spain   Entrambasaguas
315 001 Contemporary Issues in the Caribbean and South America Narcotráfico en América Latina Herrero
332 001 Short Narrative in Latin America/Spain Borges y Sus Mundos Jenckes
373 001 Topics in Hispanic Studies TBA TBA
375 001 Topics in Hispano/Islamic/Sephardic Cultures From the Cid to Cide Hamete: Images of Muslims in Iberian Literatures Szpiech
420 001 & 002 Latin American and Latino/a Film Studies Gender, Race, and State Violence in Contemporary Latin American Cultural Production Entrambasaguas
001 Advanced Studies in Hispanic Culture and Society/
Advanced Topics in Afro-Luso-Brazilian Cultures
Comparative Topics in Spanish and Portuguese: Stories and Histories of Race in Brazil and Argentina Alberto
WGS 462
001 Gender, Sexuality, and Culture Feminisms in the Hispanic World Sabau
438 001 Political and Economic Thought in Latin America/Spain Conquest and Capitalism Nemser
447 001 The Archive War and Peace: The Colombian Archive Ferrari
466 001 The Modern Spanish Novel, I Memoria e historia en la novela moderna española y argentina Sanjinés
470 001 Colonial Latin America Colonialism and Racism in Latin America Nemser
473 001 Colonial/Postcolonial Studies in Latin American Cultures Latin American Wars Villalobos-Ruminott
485 003 Case Studies in Peninsular Spanish and Latin American Literature US-Mexico Relations Through Culture Sabau
488 002 Topics in Hispanic Literature/History/Culture The Jewish- Christian Debate in Medieval Iberia and Beyond Szpiech
488 003 Topics in Hispanic Literature/History/Culture Body Shots: Photography in Latin America Couret