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RLL encourages students to utilize all the resources available to them on the UM campus to prepare for their future careers. For all current employment and internship opportunities available to UM students, please visit the Career Center website. The International Center is another great resource for students looking for internships abroad.

French Internships

French 381: Internship in France or Other Francophone Countries

This is a three-credit course for work completed during an internship that involves the extensive use of French. The LSA International Internship Program places students into internships abroad.  For more information about opportunities and the application process, please visit the LSA International Internship website.

Students volunteering and doing project work in French speaking locations may be eligible to receive French credit – contact instructor of record to determine eligibility.  If you have found your own French-speaking internship, you are welcome to both receive French credit (once the position has been approved) and join the cohort of other U-M students going abroad through the LSA International Internship Program. Please contact Bethany Kreps for details.

Students will enroll in FR381 in Fall semester.  Course requirements consist of written assignments, photo submissions, 2-3 meetings, and two presentations. Aside from these requirements, the class does not meet. Please review a detailed description below:

Internship Abroad Course Description

Intended audience:

The course is available to all French majors or minors who meet the required pre-requisites.

Course syllabi:

Syllabi will be available at the required pre-departure meeting held by the instructor of record.


Students must contact the instructor to determine eligibility and be issued an override to register for the class in the Fall term.  At the end of the preceding Winter term, students will be required to attend a pre-departure meeting. Internships will take place during the Spring and Summer terms only.

Pre-departure meetings (2):

The LSA Internship Office provides obligatory pre-departure preparation for interns traveling abroad. This is usually conducted during the reading period of the Winter term, that is, after classes end and before the start of the exam period. Also, the instructor of record will hold a separate pre-departure meeting prior to the end of the Winter term to discuss all course requirements.

Weekly blog:

Once abroad, interns are required to blog weekly in French. Weekly blogs guide students to make observations, think critically, reflect on the intercultural exchange and linguistic gains made, and appreciate cultural differences while abroad in their work environment.  The blogs also foster a community among interns in French-speaking countries where interns can share experiences and ideas.

Reflective paper:

Students are required to write a 6-8 page paper in French.  Students should reflect on their experiences as an intern and expand upon themes introduced in their blog posts. The due date will be specified by the instructor during the pre-departure meeting held with students.

Brief meeting with instructor:

Within the first three weeks of the Fall term, students are required to meet with the instructor of record to describe (in French) the internship experience, and to discuss the remaining requirements of the course.

Two presentations:

During the Fall academic term, each student must give a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation (in French) to another French class about his or her experiences abroad; and develop a poster to show and explain their experiences (in English) to other students at the International Internship Showcase in October.

Visit the LSA International Internship website to learn more about French internships: spring and summer paid and unpaid positions available in France and other French-speaking countries, as well as the UM credit you may receive towards your degree. Scholarships and funding are available.  Students should also contact the French internship instructor - Bethany Kreps.


Italian Internships

Course: Italian 346

Credits: 3
Consent: Students should contact a faculty member to sponsor their internship.
Enforced Prerequisites:  Advisory prereqs (suggested): Completion of ITALIAN 300, 340, 345 or 361; and offer of a summer internship in an Italian-speaking country.
Repeatability: Cannot be repeated.  However, students can also earn 3 credits from an independent study.      

Spanish Internships

Spanish programs currently under revision. Please contact Maria Dorantes ( for details.