In August, nine Spanish Majors published an article titled, “Socially Distant Yet Intellectually Close.” The article reflected on their experience of taking Spanish 487 via Zoom in Spring 2020.

Three of the authors – Zoe Phillips, Amber Galvano, and Ellie Maly – were recently interviewed in a two-part podcast on “My Education.” Founded in March of 2020, “My Education” is a podcast focused around education and its role in our society.

In Episode 28, Zoe, Amber, and Ellie discuss their backgrounds and offer some advice on how educators can connect with their students in a remote learning setting. In Episode 29, Zoe, Amber, and Ellie share their personal experiences and opinions about topics such as grading, extracurricular involvement, and student social behaviors, all of which have been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Listen to the podcast on “My Education.”

Read "Socially Distant Yet Intellectually Close” on Inside Higher Ed.