On April 27, 2018, the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures held its annual Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. The event featured opening remarks by RLL Associate Chair Vincenzo Binetti and award presentations by Professors Fernando Arenas, Gavin Arnall, Alison Cornish, David Caron, and Enrique García Santo-Tomás.

The Agnes Nicolini Vincenti Awards for an Outstanding Honors Thesis in Romance Languages and Literatures were presented to: Mariah Cardenas for her thesis A Marxist-Catholic Friendship: The Curious Case of Nicaragua and El Salvador; Cameron Flynn for his thesis The Bohemian in the Modern City: Social Reality and Literary Myth; and Aidan Parker for his thesis The Caudillo and the Dissidents: Francoist Censorship and Spanish Leftist Cinema, 1950-1975.

The Chiara Maria Levin Award for Breadth and Excellence in the Romance Languages was presented to Cameron Flynn for excelling in both French and Spanish.

The following students received Student Achievement Awards for their respective majors:

French Major: Vinson Fan, Morgan Ginter, Brett Graham, Sarah Harthun, Michael Jones, Sofia Squatriti, Andrew White, Julia Young

Italian Major: Caroline McQuiston

Romance Languages and Literatures Major: Laurie Perrin, Caleb Pilukas, Annalisa Tarizzo

Spanish Major: Michelle Abramczyk, Brandylyn Bennett, Neala Berkowski, Colleen Buckley, Mariah Cardenas, Faith Cole, Ian Cook, Rebecca Farag, Austin Fellows, Alexander Garcia, Ameya Gehi, Lisa Gomez, Allison Lang, Matthew Lesko, Lara Moehlman, Matthew Olgren, Christopher Panone, Aidan Parker, Anna Polumbo-Levy, Afreen Qadeer, Kristen Raue, Ben Sadis, Brittany Silverman, Gabriella Smith, Tianna Vander Missen, Alexandra Yager

The following students received Student Recognition Awards for their respective minors:

French Minor: Tyree Cowell, Brandon Coy, Cheryl Gordon, Gabriella Lanzi, Mackenzie Lynn, Emily Miiller, Kathryn Moynihan, Hannah Qin, Molly Swayze, Anna Thompson

Italian Minor: Mary Dickerson, Regina Pacitto, Ryan Rogers

Portuguese Minor: Jakob Naegeli

Spanish Minor: Victoria Chapin, Jennifer Choi, Emily Damstetter, Meredith Grupe, Samuel Lopez, Chloe Matovina, Rhea Ninan, Nishi Parikh, Devika Reddy, Amber Simmons, David Stimson, Jacqueline Tsontakis, Taylor Vandenberg, Kate Vogel, Annamarguerite Zvetan

Agnes Nicolini Vincenti Award winner Aidan Parker.

Agnes Nicolini Vincenti Award and Chiara Maria Levin Award winner Cameron Flynn with Professor Michele Hannoosh.

French Minor Student Recognition Award recipients with Professor David Caron.

Portuguese Minor Student Recognition Award recipient Jakob Naegeli with Professor Fernando Arenas.

Spanish Major Student Achievement Award recipients with Professor Enrique García Santo-Tomás.

Agnes Nicolini Vincenti Award winner Mariah Cardenas.

French Major Student Achievement Award recipients with Professor David Caron.

Italian Major Student Achievement Award and Italian Minor Student Recognition Award recipients with Professor Alison Cornish.

Romance Languages & Literatures Major Student Achievement Award recipients.

Spanish Minor Student Recognition Award recipients with Professor Enrique García Santo-Tomás.