Nicholas Henriksen

Professor Nicholas Henriksen was recently interviewed by the online news journal "Research Features" regarding his publications on Andalusian Spanish. The article, entitled "Exploring the linguistics and social perceptions of Andalusian Spanish", takes a deep dive into Henriksen's sociophonetic studies regarding linguistic variation in southern Spain, as well as associated stereotypes. "Assumptions about people who speak Andalusian Spanish stem from a combination of historical socioeconomic disparities, regional stereotypes and lack of awareness about the dialect’s complexity,” said Henriksen. “These stereotypes are perpetuated by media representations and societal biases, leading to a simplified and often unfair characterization of the area.”

Professor Henriksen regularly travels to Andalusia to conduct fieldwork with speakers from Western Andalusia (typically in Jerez de la Frontera) and with those from Eastern Andalusia (typically in Granada).