Ignacio José Huerta Bravo

Fascism, Populism and Common Sense in Spain: La Gaceta Literaria, La Conquista del Estado, F.E. y Vértice (1927-1939) focuses on the emergence of Spanish fascism in a crucial period of Spain's history: the end of the monarchy, the proclamation of the Second Republic, the outbreak of the Civil War, and the establishment of Franco’s dictatorship. Drawing on theories about populism and common sense, this work demonstrates the changing and contingent fascist propagandas of the magazines cited in the title in order to appeal to the popular discourses shared by a variety of non-fascist ideologies and organizations. Huerta Bravo's dissertation poses questions that resonate in today’s controversial situation with the ascendance of extremist populisms and the never-ending presence of the word "fascism" as a rhetorical tool against the opponent in the political debate.

Dissertation director: Cristina Moreiras-Menor