The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures would like to congratulate Gavin Arnall and Lorenzo García-Amaya on the occasion of their promotion to Associate Professor with tenure.  

Arnall’s interests converge at the intersection of aesthetics, politics, and philosophy. He specializes in modern and contemporary Latin American and the Caribbean. Arnall’s first book, Subterranean Fannon: An Underground Theory of Radical Change (Columbia University Press, 2020) explores the writings of Frantz Fanon and the evolution of his theories of change over time. Subterranean Fanon was selected as an Editor’s Pick by the journal EuropeNow.  

García-Amaya is a linguist who works primarily in the fields of Second Langauge Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, and Sociophonetics. His research focuses on the development of fluency and cognitive abilities by second language learners. García-Amaya is a co-founder of the Speech Production Lab. He is a member of the team working on the From Africa to Patagonia project. This is a large, humanities-based, collaboration exploring how language is entangled with cultural identity through the Patagonian Boers, a community that traces its roots to the South-African Boers who settled in Patagonia, Argentina, in the twentieth century.  

García-Amaya also received the 2022 Class of 1923 Memorial Teaching Award for outstanding teaching of undergraduates. Recipients of this award are chosen by the LSA Executive Committee from among those recommended for promotion from assistant professor to associate professor whose achievements “foretell a prolific career as a scholar, teacher, and mentor.”