"Afrikaans in Patagonia: Language shift and cultural integration in a rural immigrant community" International Journal of the Sociology of Language

Ryan Szpiech, Joshua Shapero, Andries Coetzee, Lorenzo García-Amaya, Paulina Alberto, Victoria Langland, Ellie Johandes, & Nicholas Henriksen

This article is an excellent example of what interdisciplinary collaboration can bring together. The research embodies the collective spirit of the A2P project, as it masterfully brings together the intellectual skill of scholars in cultural studies, anthropology, history, and linguistics. It also results from the unwavering commitment of so many undergraduate student collaborators, who spent hours (months!) transcribing, tagging, collating, and organizing interview data.


"An investigation into utterance-fluency patterns of advanced L2 bilinguals: Afrikaans and Spanish in Patagonia" Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism

Lorenzo García-Amaya

This article brings to the fore the empirical and theoretical richness of the Patagonian bilinguals' linguistic data. In addition to offering a thorough analysis of the bilinguals' oral-fluency patterns, Lorenzo problematizes the findings within current models of second-language speech production. You might be surprised to see what he uncovered!


From Africa to Pataonia: Voices of Displacement is an interdisciplinary and inter-generational research team investigating a unique linguistic and cultural contact situation between Spanish and Afrikaans in Patagonia, Argentina. Our project is funded in part by a grant from the University of Michigan Humanities Collaboratory.