We would like to congratulate Teresa Satterfield who has won the 2022 Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education in Race & Ethnicity Instruction, awarded by the College of LSA.

The 2022 Individual Award recognizes an instructor who acknowledges the challenges, opportunities, and rewards of excellence within the R&E area of the LSA curriculum.  

Former students speak of Satterfield as understanding, enthusiastic, and inspirational. They say she is “a professor unlike any other that I’ve had in my academic career,” an instructor with “immense dedication” who is “able to foster curiosity and passion in her students” and has a “lasting impact upon her students.”  

Satterfield began teaching in RLL in the fall semester of 1997. During her time in RLL she focused on child bilingualism, first language acquisition, and computational models of language. Some of her highlighted courses include “Spanish Morphosyntax,” “Bilingualism in the Spanish-speaking world,” and “The Language of Reggaetón.” She is also the founder and director of the community-based Saturday Spanish academic program for Spanish-speaking children grades Pre-K to 5, "En Nuestra Lengua.”

The award was created in 2017 and Satterfield is the first RLL faculty member to receive it.