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Graduate Program Faculty


For all inquiries about teaching positions, contact the Elementary Language Director.

Paulina Alberto
Associate Professor of Spanish, Portuguese, and History (on leave Fall 2017 and Winter 2018)
2705 Haven Hall 734.647.3028
Fernando Arenas
Professor of Lusophone African, Brazilian, and Portuguese Studies
Gavin Arnall
Assistant Professor of Spanish
4002 MLB 734.647.2680
David Caron
Professor of French; RLL Grade Grievance Officer
4218 MLB Dept. Of Romance Languages and Literatures 812 E. Washington Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1275 734.647.2665
Alison Cornish
Professor of Italian
4216 MLB 734.764.4382
Nilo Couret
Assistant Professor of Spanish
4214 MLB 734.764.1163
Steven Dworkin
Professor of Romance Linguistics and Spanish (on leave Winter 2018)
Lorenzo García-Amaya
Assistant Professor of Spanish
4014 MLB 734.647.2323
Enrique García Santo-Tomás
Frank P. Casa Collegiate Professor of Spanish
4132 MLB 734.647.2333
Michele Hannoosh
Professor of French
4208 MLB 734.647.2339
Jarrod Hayes
Professor of French
4220 MLB 734.647.2670
Nicholas Henriksen
Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics
4124 MLB 734.764.5386
Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Spanish; Graduate Chair
4142 MLB 734.647.2336
Juli Highfill
Associate Chair; Professor of Spanish
4222 MLB 734.764.5249
George Hoffmann
Professor of French
4126 MLB 734.647.2329
Kate Jenckes
Professor of Spanish
4404 MLB 734.615.2781
Annette Joseph-Gabriel
Assistant Professor of French
4134 MLB 734.647.2331
Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes
Associate Professor of Spanish
Office Hours: 3757 Haven Hall
Spanish Advising: 4408 MLB
Surface Mail: 505 S. State Street | 3722 Haven Hall;Ann Arbor MI 48109-1045
Victoria Langland
Associate Professor of History and Portuguese; Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
4406 MLB 734.647.3028
Ana María León
Assistant Professor of Spanish and History of Art
4008 MLB 734.764.6301
Karla Mallette
Professor of Italian (on leave Winter 2018)
4010 MLB 734.647.2351
Cristina Moreiras-Menor
Professor of Spanish and Women's Studies
4210 Modern Language Building; 1275 734.763.0408
Daniel Nemser
Assistant Professor of Spanish
4122 MLB 734.647.2328
William Paulson
Edward Lorraine Walter Collegiate Professor of French
4224 MLB 734.647.2675
Ana Sabau
Assistant Professor of Spanish
4102 MLB
Javier Sanjinés
Professor of Spanish
4204 MLB 734.764.4396
Teresa Satterfield
Associate Professor of Spanish
4138 MLB 734.647.2332
Paolo Squatriti
Professor of Italian (on leave Fall 2017 and Winter 2018)
4406 MLB 734.647.3028
Ryan Szpiech
Associate Professor of Spanish (teaching abroad Winter 2018)
4140 MLB 734.647.2334
Gustavo Verdesio
Associate Professor of Spanish (on leave Winter 2018)
Office: 4212 MLB
Surface Mail: 812 East Washington Street | 4108 MLB, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1275
Sergio Villalobos Ruminott
Associate Professor of Spanish
4422 MLB 734.763.3208
Gareth Williams
Professor of Spanish
4130 MLB 734.764.4383