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The Chiara Maria Levin Award for Breadth and Excellence in the Romance Languages

Purpose of the Fund

The Chiara Maria Levin Endowment for Breadth and Excellence in the Romance Languageswas established in 2007 in memory of Chiara Maria Levin (1984-2007). Chiara graduated with honors from UM in May 2006 with a concentration in French and Francophone Studies. However in addition to French, she was fluent in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. All four of the Romance languages currently taught in RLL at UM. She also studied German.

This endowment was created to recognize outstanding students like Chiara, who excel in more than one language at UM. The endowment funds two undergraduate awards.

The Chiara Maria Levin Award for Breadth and Excellence in the Romance Languages is an annual monetary prize awarded to a graduating senior, selected by RLL faculty, who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in multiple Romance languages in the UM Department of Romance Languages & Literatures.

The Chiara Maria Levin Study Abroad Scholarship is a competitive scholarship open to declared concentrators and minors in RLL who are studying multiple languages at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The student(s), selected by an RLL faculty scholarship committee, must exhibit exceptional achievement in their language studies, as well as their overall achievement at UM.

RLL is very pleased to recognize the following past recipients of a Levin award:

Chiara Maria Levin Award for Breadth and Excellence in the Romance Languages:

2007 – Allison Riccardi (BA w/ High Honors in Italian and Spanish. MA in Educational Studies. Languages: Italian, Spanish, and Chinese)

2008 – Catherine Glazer (BA w/ High Honors in French and Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Languages: French, Portuguese, and Spanish)

2009 – Baird Campbell (BA in French and Linguistics; BA w/ Honors in Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Quechua, and Spanish)

2010 – Rebecca Roberts-Wolfe (BA in French with minor in Global Change. Languages: French and Spanish)

2011 – Alexandra Niemi (BA in Romance Languages & Literatures and Comparative Literature. Languages: French, German, Spanish, and Russian)

2012 – Megan Shurlow (BA in Romance Languages & Literatures with minor in International Studies. Languages: French, Italian, and Spanish)

Chiara Maria Levin Study Abroad Scholarship (Summer):

2009 – Michael Bigelow (BA in French and Music, Theatre & Dance: Vocal Music. Languages: French, Italian, and German)

2010 – Audrey Selburn (BA in Spanish and Economics. Languages: Spanish and Korean)

2011 - Alyssa Selasky (concentration in English and Creative Writing with minor in French. Languages: French and Latin)