Weird Water
Chemistry Research Scientist Aniruddha Deb has shown that a substance as familiar as water can still surprise us if we take a closer look.

The Biggest News in the Universe
Physics Professor Katy Freese created one of the few mathematical models of the universe that’s still valid after gravitational waves were found in outer space.

Creative Inspiration: 8 LSA Inventions
Basic research can have applications beyond the lab bench. Here are eight examples of LSA creations can both turn a profit and profit society.

The Pharaohs of Ancient Sudan
Excavations in Sudan will help the Kelsey Museum’s Geoff Emberling figure out how a southern enemy supplanted Egyptian rule in 750 BC.

Seoul: The Big Picture
LSA Ph.D. candidate Nora Hauk looks at how Seoul’s residents praise and protest urban change through photographs and social media.

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