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Meet the RC Ambassadors!

Connect with experts on life as an RC student!

From Anthropology to Philosophy, and International Studies to Urban Studies, the RC Ambassadors are more than just the "typical" RC student! Whether it was four years ago or less than one, every RC Ambassador was once a prospective RC student and considering the RC just like you. Connect with RC Ambassadors during the University of Michigan Campus Days for admitted students. RC Ambassadors are here to help! You can also email with a question. 

Aarushi Ganguly

Year: First-Year

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Canton, MI

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Public Health Studies

Minor: Spanish

Campus Involvement and Hobbies: I am involved in the Prison Birth Project, Central Student Government, and Michigan Parliamentary Debate, and more. I am always looking to try new clubs and experiences!   

Future Goals: Law School

What first interested you in the RC? I had not even heard of the RC until a senior at the University told me about this opportunity. As soon as she described, I immediately began to do some more research. It didn't take me too long to fall in love with the idea of the program because it had everything I could imagine as a student. The two aspects that really drew my eye were the heavy emphasis on proficiency in a language and the living requirement. Before entering university, I knew I wanted to study Spanish more extensively and become as close to fluent as possible. Additionally, I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who were interested in a liberal arts education. The Residential College just seemed like the place for me.

What is the “vibe” of the RC? The vibe of the RC is genuinely whatever you want it to be, but first and foremost it is a group of welcoming students who are interested in an interdisciplinary education. We come from all backgrounds and want to study a huge variety of things, and the vibe of the RC reflects that notion. There is no set background, intended major, or personality type. It is both academic and fun, and there is always a chance to connect and meet new people.


Dylan Burford

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Communications and Media

Campus Involvement and Hobbies: I have a job with the football team in the video department, Film Forum, and Artsy Forum.

What first interested you in the RC? I first became interested in the RC because when I was applying to colleges, I wanted a small college experience, and I mostly applied to small liberal arts colleges. A big reason why I decided to come to Michigan was because I was able to have the resources of a big university while still having a small community experience within the RC.

What have your experiences been like so far with the RC virtually and/or UM virtually? My RC Spanish class has been handling the transition to being online quite well. My discussion teacher is actually in Colorado and is teaching all of us through Zoom. My other classes are doing asynchronous lectures, and I really like getting to know my RC professors, even if it is through Zoom.

How has being in the RC changed/shaped your experience at UM? I applied to the RC because I wanted a small college feel within a large university, and the RC community has really shaped my experience here. I have gotten to know my RC professors much better than any LSA professor because I feel really comfortable going to their office hours, and they get to know me better because of the small class size. I also have gotten to know a lot of people in my RC class through classes, forums, and the people in my hall. In my LSA lectures, I have bonded with other RC students more easily because we know we have a common experience. Walking through East Quad and seeing familiar faces is a much different experience than walking through the rest of campus.


Elizabeth Schriner

Year: Junior

Pronouns: She/Hers  

Hometown: Olivet, MI

RC Language: Japanese

Major: Sociology  & Creative Writing

Minor: Asian Languages & Culture (Japanese)


Campus Involvement and Hobbies: My current extra-curricular activities include RC MAP, RC Players, and UM Women's Glee Club. Additionally, I occasionally write for various student publications and am a paid blogger for Arts, Ink. under Arts at Michigan. Feel free to also ask me about my experiences in East Quad Hall Council, RC forums, RC singers, UM Yoni Ki Baat, or SURO (sociology undergraduate research). 

Future Goals: Graduate School

What has your experience been like in the RC language program? I had a phenomenal experience with the RC language program. With no prior knowledge of Japanese, taking two 10-credit classes of the language my freshman year was daunting; however, I made close friends, learned three new writing systems, and grew close to a great professor through taking Japanese in the RC. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to take more Japanese classes and pursue the minor! Learning Japanese is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things I've ever done, and I highly recommend taking language classes through the RC.

What is it like being an RC student pursuing an LSA major or minor? The great thing about the RC is that each student decides the extent of their involvement. Depending on their own schedules and ambitions, a student may decide to participate in a bunch of RC clubs and classes. Or, they might decide to do just the essential requirements and pursue their interests elsewhere. Either way, an LSA major or minor outside of the RC is definitely attainable. As someone with an LSA minor and two majors (one of which is outside the RC), my advice would be to roughly plan ahead and not feel limited to just the RC community. Utilize the vast amount of resources and opportunities that the university as a whole provides!

Katie Wiatrak

Year: Junior

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Gender and Health


Campus Involvement and Hobbies: I work for Michigan Hillel as a tele-fundraiser, and I’m also starting a new job at Michigan Medicine as a Patient Attendant. I sing in the Women’s Glee Club, where I also hold a leadership position as Wellness Chair, which I created! I also love to knit :) 

Future Goals: I plan on becoming a Physician’s Assistant! Some PA programs offer a dual degree with a Master’s of Public Health, which is a primary interest for me. I love clinic work, but I also want to work at a community level. 

What first interested you in the RC? I attended a small liberal arts high school with only 300 students! I’ve loved Umich for my whole life, but the size of the school intimidated me. I chose the RC because it allowed me to have the large-school experience, while also giving me the amenities of a small liberal arts college. 

What is one thing you wish you could tell yourself during your senior year of high school, having the experiences and knowledge you do now? I would probably tell myself not to rely on a rigid plan. No matter how much you  try to control your path, things will change, and the path will take you in unexpected directions. My plan has changed a lot over the years, and it is important to keep an open mind! 

What is it like being an RC student studying STEM? I have LOVED being in the RC while studying STEM! I have many STEM friends who overload their schedules with science classes. In the RC, language and liberal arts classes give me a necessary break from STEM. I haven’t had any issues meeting requirements due to my RC Language. If anything, my RC classes have helped me succeed MORE in my STEM classes!


Janna Girotto

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Hers  

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI / Rochester, NY

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Global Health

Minor: Spanish and Business

Future Goals: I'm planning on applying to a business minor in Ross, I want to get a masters in Public Health.

Campus Involvement and Hobbies: LSA Honors Program, RC forums- Artsy and Film, RHA, MLEAD, RC MAP, Art Ambassadors, Hall Council, Multicultural Council

What first interested you in the RC? I was first interested in the RC because of the Language Program. I knew I really wanted to work in the international sector and wanted to learn at least one other language since it's sometimes a requirement for some job positions, and I also just love learning languages! 

What do you enjoy the most about the RC? The people for sure. It is impossible to not meet incredibly kind and funny people in your classes, events, or just in your dorm hall. Everyone I've met (both professors and students) have been some of the most amazing people I've ever met, and have become some of my best friends

What has your experience been like in the RC language program? Absolutely amazing!!! The professors are incredible and really want you to succeed and I met some of my really good friends through those classes because of lunch tables or just my discussion group. My discussion class even did a secret santa together last year that was super fun!

What have your experiences been like so far with the RC virtually and/or UM virtually? It can be really awkward for sure, but I've found that over time it gets better. It can be really intimidating to talk to a bunch of people you don't know over zoom since you can't really see them and interact like you would in person and usually you're just talking to silence which feels super disorienting. However, I've found that slowly but surely people start to relax and the conversations flow better as we all get used to this crazy new system.  


Maria LoCicero

Year: Senior

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI

RC Language: Spanish & French

Major: History & Arts and Ideas in the Humanities


Campus Involvement and Hobbies: I am an active member of the RC Players, a LEAD scholar, a tutor, a Shakespeare in the Arb performer, and I work off-campus.

What first interested you in the RC? I am part of a long line of U of M students. My great-great-grandmother graduated from U of M in 1892. My parents met in East Quad food service. My mom was an RC student and my dad was in the Honors Program (when honors halls were still in East Quad), and so I grew up with great stories about Michigan and the RC specifically. When I applied to Michigan, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to do both RC and Honors. In addition to what I had heard about the RC from my family, the RC's dedication to arts, languages, and providing a small liberal arts feel inside a large university appealed to me greatly.

What do you enjoy the most about the RC? I enjoy RC classes the most. They've been some of the most interesting, specific, and sometimes weird courses I've ever taken, but I feel like I've learned the most from them and they really have helped to shape me and my interests. I also really love East Quad, and living there for two years was great. The feeling of waking up 5 minutes before my class and getting there on time was unparalleled. Also, I met some of my best friends by living in East Quad and being in the RC, so that has been wonderful.

What is it like being an RC student pursuing an LSA major or minor? One of my majors is through LSA and Honors and the other is an RC major, so I feel like I have the best of both worlds in a way. It has not been difficult at all to complete my LSA major while also being an RC student, and I've even taken an RC class that has counted towards my LSA major. It sometimes is interesting because I feel like everybody on campus should know about the RC, but I have gotten a lot of questions from people in my LSA classes about what the RC is and it's always a surprise.


Mia Turco

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Dual Degree student in LSA Spanish and the School of Information  

Minor: Spanish

Campus Involvement and Hobbies: Sopranos A Cappella, Musket Marketing Team, photography business, School of Information

What is it like being an RC student studying STEM? I’ve found that being an RC student doesn’t hold me back from a STEM or any other degree. The RC’s requirements are structured so that I can align those classes with university-wide requirements without picking up unnecessary credits. Studying for a technology degree, I also really enjoy the break in my schedule or Spanish or small-discussion, humanities classes that give me a broader perspective than STEM alone. 


Morgan Palmer

Year: Junior

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Charlotte, MI

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Psychology and Spanish

Campus Involvement and Hobbies: Club figure skating, PALMA, and research, Comprehensive Studies ProgramFuture Goals: Graduate School for Clinical Psychology

What has your experience been like in the RC language program? At first it was a huge adjustment from High School Spanish. And not going to lie, it was a little stressful - but that’s a given with any new college transition. The stress didn’t last long as I had great support from all of my professors. Now, I’ve made such great bonds with all of the Spanish professors and even now that I’ve “finished” the program I’m still in contact with them going to office hours (virtually) and chatting over email. They are life long friends and mentors which is very common for the RC language programs - to connect with the instructors and students in a personal way. 

Mya Strayer

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Clarkston, MI

RC Language: French

Major: Statistics

Minor: French

Campus involvement and Hobbies: I'm currently the Treasurer for U-M's intersectional sorority, Zeta Omega Eta and am also an Advocacy Chair for The Dot Org! Last year I worked at Matthaei and I currently work at the UMMA! I've also been a part of RC MAP, Eco and Film Forum in the RC!

Future Goals: I'm planning on getting my Master's in either Data Science or Statistics, and hoping to work on making the industry more ethical!

What first interested you in the RC? I actually had no idea what the RC was until I signed up for my Campus Day, and thought RC meant people who would be living in the residential halls! Thankfully, I had a really good RC spokesperson that brought me up to speed, and completely sold me on the program. The biggest draw for me was the intensive language, since I had always felt like my French skills were too "school-taught", but I also loved how friendly everyone was. It was really easy to tell that the RC truly had its own community, and that RC staff/students will do whatever they can to support each other, which made me so excited to join!

What has your experience been like in the RC language program? I have absolutely LOVED my experience in RC French. Even after a week or two, I could easily tell that my French skills were a thousand times better and I felt so much more comfortable speaking and understanding French. The lunch tables also allowed me to meet some of my closest friends and have genuine conversations with them (even if they were a little uncomfortable at first), which is something that really helped me to feel at home at Umich and in the RC. And of course, all of the staff is amazing! It's very obvious that they genuinely care about me and my well being alongside my French skills and I've never had a problem talking to them about my concerns (in and out of class). 

How has being in the RC changed/shaped your experience at UM? The RC has been instrumental to my time at UM for two reasons: community and academic pursuits. In high school, I was in a pretty tight knit program and I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to find "my people" (especially since UM is such a big school), but being in the RC made everything a lot more manageable because my class friends lived in my hallway, and I would have multiple classes with the same people, AND we shared common interests. On top of that, though, the RC has also given me more opportunities to broaden my thinking on certain topics and have a more creative/ethical approach to everything I do. I've found that this has been incredibly helpful as I try to find out what I want to do post-grad, and makes me a better candidate for numerous opportunities!

What is it like being an RC student studying STEM? I think a lot of people assume that the RC and STEM are the foils of each other, but I've found that that couldn't be further from the truth. Inherently, there isn't a lot of overlap class-wise with the RC and STEM fields but that doesn't mean that the knowledge isn't applicable to both. Some of the things I've learned in my RC classes have made me more globally aware and conscientious, while some of the things in my other classes play an impact on how I think about my RC classes. A perfect example of this is poetry and code, two things that I'm learning simultaneously. Due to my exposure of both, I have a better understanding of how to see code as a creative measure (like poetry) as well as how to understand poetry as a methodical process.


Lucia Qian

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Novi, MI

RC Language: LSA Chinese 

Major: Undecided STEM

Campus Involvement and Hobbies: Mdraw

Future goals: Possibly med school

What first interested you in the RC? The art classes that are offered as well as the smaller community it provided. I was worried about the size of Michigan, so the small size appealed to me.

What do you enjoy most about the RC?  How everyone is supportive of one another and helps each other. Also, everyone (professors and students) is super approachable which cannot be said about the rest of Michigan all the time.

How has being in the RC changed/shaped your experience at UM? Definitely helped me find like-minded people to form strong friendships with. It allowed me to meet people and bond with them since there were so many events that were community centered. 


Kaitlyn Colyer

Year: Junior

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Coldwater, MI

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Organisational studies

Minor: Spanish, Public policy, Music

Campus Involvements and Hobbies: Michigan Marching Band, UROP

Future Goals: Law school

What first interested you in the RC? I was drawn immediately to the RC when I found the website and saw that it was a smaller liberal arts program within the larger liberal arts college. Coming to Michigan, I was terrified of not making friends and getting lost in classrooms of 200 people. I also wanted to take advantage of the amazing language professors and programs that are housed within the RC. 

What has your experience been like in the RC language program?  My RC language experience has been career-changing. Even coming into the RC, I thought of Spanish as just another class subject. Now, Spanish is a huge part of my daily life and future career plans. I built close relationships with my professors and earned a proficiency in the language that I never thought possible. I'm now in the Spanish minor through LSA, something I never thought I would be interested in, and my professors have immediately recognized that I come from an RC classroom.

What is one thing you wish you could tell yourself during your senior year of high school, having the experiences and knowledge you do now? The three words of advice I would give my senior year self is "always show up." My first year of school, I was a bit more shy and stuck to the same two or three people that I met at orientation. Looking back, there were so many cool events and clubs that I could have attended if I had just convinced myself to show up and make an effort. The times that I did show up to new experiences were ALWAYS rewarding for me! 


Russel Jacobs

Year: First-Year

Pronouns: He/His

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

RC Language: French

Major: Undecided

Minor: Education for Empowerment

Campus Involvement and Hobbies: I am an Arts Ambassador through the Arts at Michigan Program, a member of the RC Review, and I serve on the executive board for SHARE (Students for Holocaust, Awareness, Remembrance, and Education) through Hillel. 

Other UM bodies: Intended - School of Education (after declaring minor)

Goals: I intend to go to Law School where I hope to specialize in social justice and human rights law. 

What first interested you in the RC? I attended a small high school (90 students in my graduating class) and was intimidated by the idea of jumping into a huge community at Michigan. I thought joining the RC would be the perfect way to make my Michigan experience smaller, and now I have the best of both worlds: The resources of a large undergraduate research university and the intimacy of a small liberal-arts college. 

What is one thing you can tell yourself during senior year of high school, having the experiences and knowledge you do now? I would emphasize this one cheesy but incredibly true piece of advice I received from everyone during my application process and was too stressed in the moment to take to heart: Everything happens for a reason and works itself out. Seize this last year of high school while you have it and enjoy it - the future will be here soon enough. 

What has your experience been like in the RC language program? The RC Language Lunch Tables have been a fantastic way to practice French, and they have also been an incredible way to get to know my classmates more. As a first-year student having begun my college experience virtually, I've found that spending time with my classmates at these tables has been a really valuable built-in way to get to know them!


Megan Darby

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Beverly Hills, MI

RC Language: French

Major: Psychology and International Studies

Minor: French

Involvement: Work in a psychology lab on campus

Other UM bodies: LSA Honors Program, UROP

Goals: I would either like to work researching in psychology or join the foreign service

What first interested you in the RC? I chose to join the RC for a few reasons. Firstly, I wanted to become fluent in French and I liked the intensive approach, especially after studying french for 4 years. I also liked that it was a smaller community within the university. I wanted to go to a large school, but worried about finding my community. The RC was the perfect bridge for me and made a huge difference in my decision to come to UofM. I liked that it was liberal arts and internationally focused because I wanted to expose myself to different types of cultures.

How has being in the RC changed/shaped your experience at UM? I met my best friends in the RC and probably wouldn't have met them otherwise. I was lucky enough to be randomly assigned an incredible roommate in a hallway where most of my friends lived. I am going to be living with 3 other girls from my freshmen hallway next year and we often joked that there was some sort of witchcraft in the RC roommate placement because most of the people we knew really liked their roommates. My friends study a lot of different things and I don't have classes with them other than RC French, so without the RC I wouldn't have found some of the people that I consider my best friends.


Maya Simonte

Year: Junior

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Novi, MI

RC Language: Japanese, LSA Ukrainian

Major: Creative writing

Minor: Japanese

Campus Involvements: I'm involved with The RC Review and Xylem Literary Magazine, and I work as a writing consultant at the Sweetland Peer Writing Center! In my free time I draw, sing, and play guitar. 

Future Goals: Write LGBT young adult novels 

What first interested you in the RC? I first heard about the RC because of the Creative Writing program, and I'm thankful that I did, because my experiences in it have been phenomenal. All of the RC Creative Writing professors are so dedicated to helping you make your writing the best it can be and as well as something that you feel good about. The level of personal attention and care definitely makes the program stand out! 

What do you enjoy most about the RC? I love that there's always so much happening in the RC. Not only are there tons of events, talks, and performances every week, but there's a huge variety of classes and forums all within the RC, too. In my freshman year, I got to take a class where we repurposed everyday objects into instruments and put on a concert in East Quad's Keene Theater. Having all of that under one roof makes it really easy to get invested in something you had never considered studying before! 

What is the “vibe” of the RC? My friends and I joke a lot about how nobody is more than two degrees of separation away from each other in the RC. One of the best things about living in East Quad was walking by a lounge and seeing someone you took a class with once, or a friend's roommate, or someone you sort of remember from orientation, and being able to talk to them and find something in common. That "small school, everyone-knows-everyone" vibe paired with how passionate and open-minded the students are makes being in the RC a really special experience. 


Cielle Waters-Umfleet

Year: Junior

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

RC Language: Spanish, German

Major: Creative Writing

Minor: Spanish

Involvement: America Reads Tutoring Corps @Ginsberg Center; WQ/SQ/Betsy Barbour Community Center Assistant; Editor-in-Chief of What The F Magazine; member of UM Synchro Skating Team; Vice Chair of CAPS In Action

What first interested you in the RC? I chose to join the RC because it had opportunities that other colleges I'd looked at didn't have. I was guaranteed small class sizes, a living situation, and dedicated instructors. Making a big school small for my first year especially was a great idea.

What is one thing you wish you could tell yourself during your senior year of high school, having the experiences and knowledge you do now? The college you choose determines what opportunities and resources you'll have. While you can get a quality education anywhere, provided you make the most of what you have, not every school has the same assets, and you can't make those appear out of nowhere. The RC has so many opportunities for involvement and continued study that you can't find at other institutions.

How has being in the RC changed/shaped your experience at UM? It's been really great to have a group of students, staff, and faculty I know I can trust and relate to just from being in the RC. Being introverted, it's sometimes hard for me to make and maintain connections, but the RC makes it easy to make friends and form bonds with instructors.


Laila Krugman

Year: First-Year

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Undecided

Minor: Undecided

Campus Involvements: I am involved with the Prison Creative Arts Project in facilitating theatre workshops within prisons and hope to get involved with PCAP's Literary Review. I also plan to get involved with either Rude Mechanicals or the RC Players here at Michigan.

What first interested you in the RC? I joined the RC because I knew that I wanted a smaller educational environment in order to create meaningful relationships with my professors and peers, but I still wanted to be at a school that gives the experiences of a big school, so the RC seemed perfect. I was also intrigued by the office hours that are offered to students, and I wanted to be able to have smaller and more tight-knit theatre opportunities.

What is a typical RC student? I think a lot of times there may be this idea that there is a typical RC student based on the way someone looks or acts, but this really is not the case. People join the RC for different reasons and I have met all sorts of people in the RC. For the most part, I would say that people in the RC are very open to meeting new people and trying new things and it was nice to be surrounded by welcoming people given the ambiguity and uncertainty of the COVID-filled semester. 


Ethan VanValkenburg

Year: Junior

Pronouns: He/Him

Hometown: Grand Rapids

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Ecology, Evolution & Biodiversity, and Data Science

Campus Involvements: I have been working with the Badgley Lab since freshman year on a project related to the biogeography of large mammals. I am also a member of Epsilon Eta Environmental Professional Fraternity, EcoData club, UROP, RC Spoon Club, and Backpacking Club. In the fall I decided to take a semester off to work at The Land Institute, an agricultural research organization developing perennial crops and regenerative polycultures. I love to write, sew, and I've been ice skating recently at Argo Park!

What do you enjoy most about the RC? East Quad makes the RC great. Having a single space with dorm rooms, community spaces, a dining hall, classroom, art studio, and an auditorium made for a lively environment. It made it effortless to attend new clubs, go to office hours, meet with peers for projects, and make friends.

What is it like being an RC student pursuing an LSA major or minor? The RC is very flexible and accommodating to students pursuing one—or even two!—majors in LSA, even if they are more focused on the sciences or math. As a student majoring in Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity and trying to add another major in Data Science, the RC has helped to diversify my courses and expose me to exciting writing, Spanish, and social science courses I would not have taken otherwise. It took a little more planning and foresight on my part to make sure that I had enough time to fulfill the RC's requirements while focusing on my major, but the advisors were always very helpful. 


PinYi Lee

Year: First-Year

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan and Stockton, CA

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Biology, Health, and Society

Minor: Gender and Health, Spanish


Campus Involvement: I'm a member of AMSA (American Medical Student Association) and TASA (Taiwanese American Student Association). I work for America Reads as a tutor as well as in a cancer research lab. I like to play the piano, listen to music, box, and binge Criminal Minds in my free time. 

What was your experience in the RC language program? The RC language program puts a heavy emphasis on conversational learning, through frequent Conversation Circles, discussion-based learning, and—optional, but highly encouraged—office hours. While it may sound like a lot, every conversation had during those components were not only great opportunities to learn new vocabulary, but also engrossing and intriguing. Because the learning process itself is made enjoyable, you don’t always notice the progress you make, but that’s my favorite part. Only recently did I remember the beginning of the fall semester, where I would struggle to write a 200-word diary entry introducing myself. Fast forward to now and a 500 word count for essays on current events and pressing societal issues seems too little. Learning a new language is supposed to be fun, and the RC language program exemplifies just that. 

What have your experiences been like so far with the RC and/or UM virtually? My experience has been nothing but positive! Even though I’m roughly 7500 miles away from East Quad this year, it never actually felt like it. My instructors have all done a phenomenal job in making me feel welcomed and integrated into the class despite being remote. They were also quick to offer alternate office hours and other resources to accommodate the time difference—a gesture that was greatly appreciated. They routinely checked in with me to see how I was handling the semester and how things were going in Taiwan, asking those questions not as a formality, but out of genuine interest in my wellbeing.


Janelle Woods

Year: Sophomore

Pronouns: She/Hers

Hometown: Adrian, MI

RC Language: Spanish

Major: Secondary Education (School of Education)

Minor: Crime and Justice, Spanish

Future Goals: Graduate School

Campus Involvement: DJs A cappella, Hall Council, and Intramural Volleyball

What first interested you in the RC? Or, why did you choose to join the RC? I would say the first thing that TRULY interested me about the RC was hearing about the commitment the professors have. It was so clear, watching my friends who were in the RC and their interactions with the professors was exciting. I could see the dedication they had for their students, and I wanted to be a part of that- especially because I love language!

What has your experience been like in the RC language program? It’s truly been an outstanding experience. I have improved on a level that I’ve never encountered before. All of my professors have been super willing to sit down and help me improve. This program is an experience I HIGHLY recommend, especially if you are truly aspiring to learn. 

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