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Connect with Current RC Students

Curious about the RC student experience?

Interested in finding out a bit more about what life is like as a Residential College student? Find out more from the experiences of our RC Admissions Assistants and our RC Ambassadors! RC Admissions Assistants (RC AAs) are an essential part of the RC Admissions Team and may be in touch with you while you explore the RC's options. RC Ambassadors and RC AAs will be on hand during RC Campus Days to give their unique perspectives as current RC-ers. 

If you are interested in reaching out to an RC Admissions Assistant and/or an RC Ambassador with questions, reach out to

Hi! I’m Brittany Simmons, a senior in the RC majoring in Spanish and Social Theory & Practice with a minor in Urban Studies! I’m pre-law! I’m from Belleville, Michigan. Outside of academics, I’m a University tour guide, a mentor and committee member for the RC’s mentorship program (MAP), a trumpet player in both the Michigan Marching Band and Basketball Band and the president of Michigan’s only pre-law sorority! This will be my fourth year working in the RC Admissions Office, and I really can’t believe how quickly it has all flown by! I chose the RC because I really wanted to find a program that would allow me to find my niche within the larger UM, whether it be tied to my interest in language, social justice or even just meeting interesting people from all over!


Hi! My name is Marina and I am a junior in the RC majoring in Economics and minoring in both Spanish and Business. My RC language is Spanish and I completed the intensive language program last fall. Besides working as an Admissions Assistant in the RC, I am also the Co-President of The Quito Project, Tutor for PALMA, and a member of the Michigan Business Club. Some of my other interests include photography, soccer, volunteering, and traveling. My goals for the future are go to graduate school and to create economic and educational initiatives abroad and in the US in order to provide more opportunities for those that would normally not have access to education or other resources.

I chose the RC because of its intensive language program and because of the sense of community it fosters. What I enjoy most about the RC is even though I no longer live in East Quad, I still feel very connected to the community here. What challenged me most about the RC is the intensive language program. At first, it was overwhelming but all of my teachers and classmates were more than willing to help me out which made the language program much more manageable and rewarding.

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am a Freshman studying Social Theory and Practice and (possibly) Urban Studies! My RC language is Spanish. My hometown is Belleville, Michigan. Outside of classes, I serve as the Michigan Alumni Association LEAD Scholar Freshman Representative, I am a member of Circle K, Michigan Young Life, and I am the 2018 delegate for FNE International. After graduation, I hope to find a career in nonprofit organization.

I joined the RC because of my interest in languages and social justice programs. I was also very interested in being a part of a small community that would help me create close relationships with my peers and professors. The things I enjoy most about the RC are the many opportunities that encourage students to apply what they learn into bettering their community. I love that the RC has challenged me to become more socially aware of others and to be proactive about creating an inclusive environment for all students.

Hi there! I’m Kym Leggett, a Junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Community Action and Social Change and Music! I’m from the Metro Detroit area where I started learning Spanish and continued to learn in the RC. This was one of the reasons that I joined- I really enjoy Spanish and that is valued highly in the RC. The intensive language program is a challenge, but it is surely worth it! What I enjoy most about the RC is that it is a close-knit community that is there to support you in whatever you need. Outside of class, you can find me playing the Clarinet in the Michigan Marching and Basketball Bands or with my sisters of Tau Beta Sigma.

Hello! I’m Latricia Parkinson-Parker, also known as Trish, Trisha, etc. I am a freshman in the RC hoping to pursue a career in business. My hometown is Southfield, Michigan, where I’ve always dreamed of attending the University of Michigan. I have interest in various activities and pastimes, but my main interests are in videography, dance, music, and television. My goal is to have studied at least two languages while I attend the University. My current RC language is Japanese, however, I intend on studying Spanish as well. As a prospective student, the language and art classes offered were aspects of the RC that caught my attention. But, upon arrival into the program I realized that the atmosphere of East Quad was where I belonged. I look forward to the next few years I spend in the Residential College!

Hi! My name is Brandon Bond and I am a sophomore in the Residential College. I am majoring in Biopsychology, Cognition, Neuroscience and International Studies with a minor in Community Action Social Change. For my RC language, I decided to continue practicing Spanish, which I began learning in my hometown of Belleville, Michigan. I also began the American Sign Language (ASL) course sequence. Aside from being a student and Admissions Assistant in the RC, I work as a Peer Advisor for the study abroad office (CGIS) and as Tour Guide for the University. Outside of academics, I am a member of the ASL club, Alpha Phi Omega, the Peace Corps Prep program, and serve as the Vice President of the International Deaf Hearing Alliance. With all my experiences, I am hoping to do a dual-enrollment at Michigan’s School of Social Work and School of Public Health to learn more about how to empower people of underrepresented backgrounds to become involved in the reduction and prevention of the various social determinants may harm them and others.

I was drawn to the RC because of all the opportunities it offered for the students. It gave me a community, valuable skills, and even helped me with my two study abroad trips. One of my favorite things about the RC is is that it makes a genuine effort to include people of all backgrounds and encourages students to explore the world and different communities.