"I took Intro to Drawing this semester with the idea that by the end I was going to be able to draw whatever I wanted to my satisfaction. It was difficult. My first few classes of the semester I cried because I was so frustrated with my artistic ability (or lack thereof). But as time progressed, I learned to be more okay and even proud of things I didn’t like all the aspects of. Now I can take risks and feel confident and happy with work that I don’t see as “perfect,” and I think that that is a positive impact not just on my career as an artist or academic, but also on me as an individual and a human being." Maria LoCicero, RC Sophomore


"The work that I’ve completed in ceramics has taught me patience in a new way. The patience that I’ve learned in ceramics transpired into my other courses because instead of rushing through my work (reading, papers, etc.) I have learned to take my time and enjoy the moment. I am really happy I took RcArts because it has been a class that has helped me keep my life in balance." Breanna Varner, LSA senior


"I’ve learned that furniture isn’t just somewhere to sit. It’s a creative process from beginning to end. Designing the chair was fun, but it was even more empowering to bring my idea to life. We don’t only learn design, but we end up with a product by the end of the term. Most of the time when I tell people I’m in a furniture design class (RC ARTS 286, Furniture) I get a funny look, but through this class I’ve learned to appreciate furniture and art in a whole new way." Regan Pitts, LSA first year


"I’ve learned a completely new medium, how to take a photo from start to finish, how to look at a black and white photo and distinguished values. I feel like I spend more time on things because I look more in depth. I can critique in a new fashion. Developing film is almost like a break from studying because I enjoy the process of darkroom photography. Now that I’ve taken these courses I can take my creative process into math and science courses. Practicing thinking out of the box helps me to solve problems in my life in a new and unique way.” Julia Couch, LSA first year


The fall 2018 RC Arts courses are taught by Toby Millman (drawing), Kate Tremel (ceramics), Ray Wetzel (sculpture: furniture), and Isaac Wingfield (photography). All the works above are on display in the end of term RC Student Invitational Art Exhibition in the RC Art Gallery through December 21.