Hello and welcome to the RC!

As a first-year LSA/RC student, I have found my home in the Residential College. I am Matthew, and my experience in the RC has been nothing short of incredible!

From the moment I stepped on campus, the students and staff in the RC have been welcoming, supportive, and kind.

Having a place to belong right from the start helped me easily adapt to Michigan and to the college lifestyle.

Making new friends wherever we go

After a long day of classes and studies, I always look forward to being in East Quad with the RC family.

Activities are endless on campus, both inside and outside of the RC.

In addition to being a German-intensive RC student, I am a Campus Day Leader for the Office of Admissions, a member of a club running team called MRun, a sports enthusiast, and a part of a student ministry called the Salt Company.

Welcoming U-M President Santa Ono!

My favorite part of the RC so far has been my intensive German language course.

In addition to learning a ton of in-class content, I was able to regularly use my German outside of the classroom at our lunch sessions, coffee hours, and events.

My professors were from Germany, and they were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic about teaching and sharing the German language and culture.

I look forward to meeting you very soon!

Matthew Peal