The following RC students and LSA students graduating with a RC major have been invited toPhi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate academic honor society celebrating student excellence in the liberal arts.

The standards for acceptance are extremely high and are not based merely on the GPA but also on the overall quality of your academic programs and other criteria including second language proficiency and college-level mathematics or equally advanced quantitative work. No students with GPAs below 3.82 have been invited this year. There are fewer than forty juniors who have received invitations and their GPAs are all higher than 3.95.

The students are:

Gillian Jakab
Paris Joy
Elena Potek
Katherine Laramie
Harish Batra
Marion Berger
Ashley Burnside
Linda Grace Fisher
Zeren Li
D Lyons
Caroline Hickey
Emma Costello
Kaitlin Bonfiglio
Hanna Wetters
Amanda Bassett
Jesse Ostroff
Alexandra Dulin
Julia Kortberg
Maia Gersten
Lauren Stachew
Jeewon Oh