The RC is proud to report that Teresa Sanchez-Snell, faculty administrator of the Spanish Language Internship Program, has been formally recognized for her contributions to the U-M Latinx student community. The student group, La Casa, which seeks to create a space for the Latinx student body to come together, voice their issues, and form a community, honored Teresa with the new Yvonne Navarrete Legacy Award at their Unity Ball on April 13th. Ms. Navarrete is a senior graduating this spring from the Ford School of Public Policy, and is La Casa's founder. The award was conferred by the current La Casa director, Ronnie Alvarez, who said: "Teresa’s support, presence, and service to La Casa, Latinx students, and the Latinx community is unparalleled. She is one of the mothers to our community and her service has created spaces for students to feel supported, centered, and, most importantly, loved. As a lecturer, staff member, as an activist and an artist, really in everything she does, and in a room full mainly of students, I truly hope she knows that we love her too." 

In her acceptance speech, Teresa applauded La Casa for the community it builds. “Whenever I’m around La Casa, I feel like I’m home again, where all the pieces fit together. And reaching out or trying to help in any capacity comes naturally, because you already feel like family to me.” 

On May 3, 2019, the Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives will host its annual graduation ceremony, La Celebración Latina. Teresa will be honored there with The Circle Award, which recognizes a person who has made significant contributions to the harmony and strength of the Latino and University communities through their work, leadership, and service. Teresa was nominated by graduating participants of the La Celebración Graduation Ceremony.

Ever modest, Teresa is quick to say that she's the thankful one in all of this. "I am very honored and appreciative of these awards and wholeheartedly thankful for the support I have always received from the RC and my fellow coworkers. My work here in the RC has continued to unfold and shape me as a person and I am thankful to work in a field that I am connected to and passionate about."

The RC Spanish Language Internship Program (SLIP) aims to connect Spanish-speaking students with partnered community based organizations to provide unique service learning opportunities with the Latinx Community. Through volunteering efforts, students gain insight into the culture, economic needs and a better understanding of the Spanish language. SLIP offers this unique opportunity for students to engage in experiential learning related to community service work as well as improve and apply their speaking and writing skills, thus applying learned information to the “real world”.

Congratulations, Teresa, for these recognitions of your leadership and support of the Latinx campus community and the broader community they serve through SLIP!