RC community members Cole Simon (LSA Political Science 2022), Abigail Haile (LSA Psychology and Anthropology 2022), Agnes Dunne (LSA Psychology and RC Social Theory and Practice 2023)  and Lena von Moltke (LSA German and RC Social Theory and Practice 2022) have been selected as public humanities interns under the U-M Institute for the Humanities’s Internship Program.

The program, which selected eight interns for the 2021-22 academic year, will grant these RCers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in developing skills in marketing, event planning, leadership, and teamwork.

About the Institute for the Humanities: Established in 1987, the Institute for the Humanities facilitates work that examines humanities traditions broadly across space and time; deepens synergies among the humanities, the arts, and disciplines across the university; and brings the humanities to public life. Each year it provides fellowships for Michigan faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars who work on scholarly and artistic projects. It also offers a wide array of events, including public lectures, workshops, and discussions. The Institute for the Humanities Gallery—a fully curated, vibrant exhibition space—is known for bringing to campus artists whose work directly addresses current social issues and concerns.

2021-22 Public Humanities Interns

Agnes Dunne (social theory and practice, psychology, 2023)

Abigail Haile (anthropology and psychology, 2022)

Emely Hernandez (general studies, 2022)

Abdul Kizito (anthropology, 2023)

Anika Love (film, television, and media studies, 2023)

Cole Simon (political science, 2022)

Anna Southon (public policy, 2022)

Lena von Moltke (social theory and practice, German, 2022)