My name is Alifa Chowdhury. I work at the RC Admissions Office as an Admissions Assistant. I’m a sophomore majoring in Political Science with two minors in South Asian Studies and History.

It’s hard to describe the RC in one word or sentence, and that’s because the RC consists of a diverse group of students across different majors and interests. There really isn’t one typical RC student but a conventional RC experience would consist of taking a language through the RC, taking forums, being a part of RC organizations, and enjoying free time in the halls of East Quad. 

The typical RC experience also means you get close to getting the same academic experience as you would at a small liberal arts college. Our classes are small seminars, in which you will (probably) be asked to call your professor by their first name. They will know yours. You will see the same people in your classes, your hall, and the dining hall. The subject matter addressed in any RC class will seemingly turn the world on its head for any academically inclined and socially progressive student, so passions run high in RC courses – and the instructors are always there to direct that passion into productive conversation and expression.

The RC experience is really what you choose to make of it– you don’t have to take an RC language or be an RC major just to get the “RC experience.” I major in Political Science through LSA, and I also don’t take an RC language, regardless, I have found other ways to engage with the RC community and have found a second home in it.