In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Residential College, we decided to celebrate by featuring 50 of our most inspiring and involved RC students in a campaign called 50 for 50. We modeled this campaign after U-M’s Central Student Government 200 for 200 series. Students, faculty and staff submitted nominations for a current RC undergraduate student who inspires them so that they could be featured in this series that is published on the RC Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Every 50 for 50 student is featured with a photo of themselves and a self-written caption about their RC experience and what it means to them to be a student here. One nominee says, "Organizers and activists I’ve met in the RC are doing incredible, community-building work around equity and justice inside and outside of the RC," and another reflects "my involvement in almost every org I participate in...can be traced back to connections that I made here in East Quad. For me, it all comes back to the RC." Thanks to the nominees and the nominators for shining a light on what makes the RC so special -- our unique, thoughtful and engaged students.