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Meet the Mentors

Nia Nickerson

Area: Combined Program in Education and Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Ioulia Kovelman

Research:  I study how diversity in language experiences influence children's academic, socio-cultural, and brain development. I study children who speak multiple languages, such as Spanish-English bilinguals, and children who speak multiple dialects, such as speakers of Standard and African-American dialects of American English.


Erick Aguinaldo

Area: Joint Program in Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies

Advisor: Dr. Monique Ward

Research: Broadly, I'm interested in gender stereotypes, norms, and socialization. In my current projects, I'm focusing on social media and masculinity, specifically, how male celebrities might be able to facilitate feminist views among boys and young men through sharing feminist messages on platforms like Twitter. 


Michael Demidenko

Area: Developmental Psychology

Advisor: Drs. Daniel Keating & Adriene Beltz

Research: I evaluate how self-report, cognitive and fMRI measures of reward processing relate to substance use during adolescence. I also consider how household and community disadvantages impact these behaviors.


Abby Lucas

Area: Clinical Science

Advisor: Dr. Sherri Olson

Research: My broad interests include the intersections between positive psychology and clinical psychology. Additionally, I am currently exploring early childhood and pre-adolescent predictors of both positive and negative psychological adjustment in emerging adulthood.


Lolita Moss

Area: Developmental (joint with Social work)

Advisor: Dr. Monique Ward

Research: I study how mainstream media exposure influences how adolescents think about understand gender, race, and romantic relationships


Tong Suo

Area: Social

Advisor: Dr. Shinobu Kitayama

Research: My research revolves around the sense of self across time and culture (e.g, how people from different cultures remember their past and imagine their future).



Patsy DeLacey

Area: Biopsychology

Advisor: Dr. Jacinta Beehner

Research: I study gelada monkeys to understand the mechanisms behind a sexually selected trait.

Annika From

Area: Personality & Social Contexts

Advisors: Drs. Robin Edelstein & Amie Gordon

Research: I study how differences between romantic partners in personality, beliefs, and social identities influence relationship functioning, and how couples manage these dissimilarities.



Mena Davidson

Area: Biopsychology

Advisor: Dr. Ben Dantzer

Research: I use rodent models to study how environmental factors affect social behavior, specifically the pair bond between monogamous social partners.


Kathy Xie

Area: Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience

Advisor: Dr. Patricia Reuter-Lorenz

Research: I study the relationship between working memory and episodic memory and how individual differences or cognitive aging may affect that relationship