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Meet the Mentors

Briana Scott

Area: Combined Program in Education and Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Marc Zimmerman

Research:  I study ways to improve the climate of K-12 schools to create safe spaces for students of all backgrounds.


Ivette Gonzalez

Area: Biopsychology

Advisor: Dr. Jill Becker

Research:  I study how exposure to methemphetamine affects dopamine release. I also look at how social housing plays a role in self-administration of methemphetamine in rats.


Brianna Ross

Area: Personality & Social Contexts

Advisor: Dr. Fiona Lee

Research: My research examines how Black folks' experiences of discrimination and intersecting identities (e.g., ethni-racial identity) influence their engagement with collective action and well-being strategies.


Hannah Becker

Area: Clinical Science

Advisor: Dr. Kate Fitzgerald and Dr. Christopher Monk

Research: I study psychotherapeutic treatments for anxiety and OCD in youth. I mostly use neuroimaging tools to examine brain changes that occur with, or predict response to, these interventions.


Lindzey Hoover

Area: Clinical Science

Advisor: Dr. Ashley Gearhardt

Research: I study whether highly-processed foods (high in refined carbohydrates and/or fats) can be addictive (i.e., food addiction). I'm also interested in shared risk factors (e.g., trauma, family history) and co-occurrence between food addiction and traditional substance use disorders.


Tong Suo

Area: Social

Advisor: Dr. Shinobu Kitayama

Research: I study self-concept and well-being in cross-cultural contexts. A good proportion of my research focuses on the cultural comparison between East Asian and 'WEIRD' (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Democratic; e.g., middle-class European American) cultures, but I recently also started a collaborative project which extends the scope of my research to Sub-Saharan African population. I hope to combine surveys, experiments, and data-driven methods to investigate the complex dynamics between individuals and their socio-cultural and ecological contexts



Jessica Bezek

Area: Clinical Science

Advisor: Dr. Luke Hyde

Research:  I study how early life adversity influences brain development and risk for mental illness, with a particular focus on identifying neural mechanisms that support resilient outcomes in youth experiencing neighborhood disadvantage.

Carly Lasagna

Area: Clinical Science

Advisors: Dr. Ivy Tso and Dr. Tim Pleskac

Research: Using computational modeling and neuroscience methods/approaches (e.g., EEG, fMRI), I study differences in the neural and cognitive mechanisms of perception and decision-making in individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and how these relate to real-world functioning.


Ana Patricia Esqueda

Area: Developmental Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Vonnie McLoyd and Dr. Lorraine Guitierrez

Research: My research explores how systems of oppression- namely those that devalue members of low socioeconomic status or racial minorities- impact the linguistic and social development of Latinos.


Kathy Xie

Area: Cognition & Cognitive Neuroscience

Advisor: Dr. Patricia Reuter-Lorenz

Research: I study the relationship between working memory and episodic memory and how individual differences or cognitive aging may affect that relationship

Maddie Quirk

Area: Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

Advisor: Dr. John Jonides

Research:  Influence of selection history and distractor regularities on mitigating distraction in ADHD.


Brittani Parham

Area: Joint Social Work and Developmental Psychology

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Ryan and Dr. Vonnie McLoyd

Research:  I study the intersection of developmental pathways of juvenile delinquency within the family context of African Americans: in particular the roles siblings play as a potential protective factor against aggression, delinquency, and lack of emotional regulation.