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Past Thesis Topics


Miles Camiener - Two parties, zero consensus: Assessing personality dimensions within a changing political zeitgeist (Mentor: Joshua Rabinowitz)

Neil Haran - Mechanistic correlates of change in childhood depression: Catastrophization, rumination, and self-blame (Mentor: Sandra Graham-Bermann)

Susan He - Children’s use of positive and negative verbal messages to influence future sharing partners (Mentor: Felix Warneken)

Deborah Ho – Investigating whether changes in maternal care induce adaptive plasticity effects on offspring personality in wild North American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) (Mentor: Ben Dantzer)

Jian Sun - Exploring the psychology of environmental senescence through fMRI (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Hayley Yu – Childhood trauma and food addiction: The role of emotion regulation difficulties and gender differences (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)


Arielle Ewing - The Emotional Valence of Spontaneous Thoughts (Mentor: Chandra Sripada & Colleen Seifert)

Lindsey Meister - Prospective Associations Between Social Network Components and Cognitive Domains in Older Adults (Mentor: Laura Zahodne)

Katherine Robertson - Internalizing Symptoms in Southeastern Michigan Adults Experiencing the Covid-19 Pandemic (Mentors: Sandra Graham-Bermann & Donna Nagata)

Kayla Smith - Relationships Between Hippocampal Function and Memory for Safe and Dangerous Contexts in PTSD (Mentor: Elizabeth Duval)

Rachel Klein - Dominant narratives about lifestyle choices are perceived as unbiased when compared with alternatives narratives, even when the reasons for lifestyle choices are identical (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Salam Qalieh - Roles of Race, Sex, and Coping Strategies in Hypocognition of Mental Illness (Mentor: David Dunning)


Julia Barron - Exploring Associations Among EF Components Across Three Measurement Types (Mentors: Fred Morrison & Pamela Davis-Kean)

Kristen Cross - Adolescents, Extracurricular Activities, and Experiences of Gender-Based Harassment (Mentor: Rosario Ceballo)

Anusha Garg - The Content of Spontaneous Thought: Investigating the Role of Personal Concerns in the Verbalized Stream of Consciousness (Mentors: Chandra Sripada & Priti Shah)

Jean Anne Heng - Examining Malaysian Mothers' Ethnotheories of Maladaptive Behavior in Preschool Children (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Marissa Keep - Does Morality Matter in Perceived Risk of STD Contraction? (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Gabrielle Lowenthal - Exploring the Relations between Mental Health Outcomes and Academic Resilience in Transfer Students (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)

Juliette Ni - Hypocognition of Mental Health: How Does our Cultural Background and Gender Affect our Understanding of Mental Disorders? (Mentor: David Dunning)

Claire Novak - Basic Psychological Need Fulfillment as a Mediator Between Positive Emotions and Positive Adjustment: A Test of the Broaden-and-Build Model of Positive Emotions in Chinese Adolescents (Mentor: Edward Chang)


Reeya Patel - Childhood Internalizing Symptoms as Precursors to Hopelessness during Young Adulthood (Mentor: Sheryl Olson)

Akemi Tsutsumi Rioboo - Neural Specialization for Language in Spanish-English Bilinguals: A Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy Investigation of Phonological Awareness (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)


Kevin Grimaldi - The Role of Parental Monitoring and Involvement in Adolescent Alcohol Use Over Time (Mentor: Daniel Keating)

Jessica Kiebler - An Intersectional Approach to Attributions of Blame to Working and Middle-Class Women in the Context of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Incivility (Mentor: Abigail Stewart)

Jerin Lee - Academic Motivation as a Predictor of Suicidal Risk in College Students: Do We Still Need to Consider Basic Psychological Needs? (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Wanying Liu - Applications of Mean-Variance Approach on Decision Making Analysis (Mentor: Jun Zhang)

Abigael Lucas - Positive Expectancies for the Future as Protective Factors of Suicide Risk in Adults: Do Optimism and Hope Predict Suicidal Behaviors in Primary Care Patients? (Mentor: Edward Chang)


Jennifer Bullen - Children's Quantitative Reasoning in Sharing (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Jordan Chamberlain - Neural Distinctiveness and GABA Concentrations in the Aging Ventral Visual Cortex (Mentor: Thad Polk)

Blaire Crockett - The Impact of Temporal Focus in Food Advertising on Delay Discounting and Consumption (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Ipek Demirdag - Cognitive Processes and Individual Difference Effects of Indecisiveness in Decision-Making (Mentor: Frank Yates)

Blake Ebright - Moral Behavior and Working Class Parenting (Mentor: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Michelle Lee - Bilingual Children and Literacy (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Tin Yan Christy Li - Influence of Linguistic Experience on Phonological and Semantic Processing of Non-Dominant Language Among Cantonese Bilingual Adults (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)


Jillian Bean - Effectiveness of Different Obesity Prevention Methods (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Raymond Cleveland - Learning While Multitasking: Distracting Effects of Music on Reading Comprehension (Mentor: Kai Cortina & Kevin Miller)

Corey Jackson - Perceptions of Campus Climate Correspond with Identity Integration, Conflict Adaptation, and Academic Self-Efficacy (Mentor: Fiona Lee)

Zunaira Jilani - Relations Between Trauma and Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD Symptoms in College Students: Examining Self-Blame as a Mediator (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Sally Kim - Food for Thought: Current and Delayed Affective Expectancies Toward Food Consumption and Associated Attitudes (Mentor: Ashley Gearhardt)

Kristan Mallett - What Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Pitches Influence Investor Funding Decisions? (Mentor: Richard Price)

Jessica Nicosia - Attentional Control in Smokers and Non-Smokers (Mentor: Cindy Lustig)

Justin Sarkis - Is There a Bidialectal Advantage? Executive Control Processing in Bidialectal Speakers (Mentor: Julie Boland)

Taylor Shrapnell - Providing Adaptive Social Support: The Emotional and Cognitive Consequences of Facilitating Reconstruing and Recounting of Negative Personal Experiences (Mentor: Ethan Kross)

Gladys Tan - What Do You Major in, and Why? Cultural Influences in College Major Choices (Mentor: Phoebe Ellsworth)

Yuqi Wang - Precarious Manhood on the Bench: Textual Analysis of Title VII Same-Sex Sexual Harassment, 2000-2014 (Mentor: Lilia Cortina)


Nadia Danienta – Gender Differences: Revealing Implicit and Explicit Perceptions of Automobiles (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Alice Doong – Effects of Age, Fatigue and Cognition on Driving Performance: A Simulator Study (Mentors: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz & Bruno Giordani)

Alexa Ellis – The Developing Math Brain: An fNIRS Study (Mentor: Pam Davis-Kean)

Jonathan Lee – The Role of Cultural Norms and Expectations on Risk-Taking (Mentor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Alexa Shull – Examining the Effects of Induced Rumination on HPA-Axis Regulation (Mentor: Nestor Lopez-Duran)


Sarah Byosiere - The Function of Play Bows in Dyadic Canine Play (Mentor: Jacinta Beehner)

Christopher Cannon - Conspicuous Consumption and Sexual Orientation: Status Products as Same-Sex Mate Signals (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)

Hau Dinh - Intersecting Social Identities as a Predictor of Social Justice Consciousness: Exploring the Dynamic Effects of Intersecting Social Identities (Mentor: Lorraine Gutierrez)

Lucy Shih-Ju Hsu - Two is Better than One When it Comes to Charting the Path to Chinese-English Biliteracy: A Multi-Group Analysis on Bilingual and Monolingual Children's Reading and Language Acquisition (Mentor: Ioulia Kovelman)

Katie Hu - Finding the "One and Only": Perceptions of Consensual Non-Monogamy and Relationship (Mentor: Terri Conley)

Yasaman Kazerooni - Mood Induced Changes in Global or Local Processing of Information Explained by Locus Coeruleus Norepinephrine Patterns of Activity (Mentor: Richard Lewis)

Piper Keyes - Pair Bonding Attenuates Opiate Reward in the Monogamous Prairie Vole (Mentor: Brandon Aragona)

Eunjung Kim – Fishy Smells Improve Critical Thinking: Explorations of the Embodiment of Suspicion (Mentor: Norbert Schwarz)

Nolan O'Hara - Event-Related Potential Components Associated with the Preparation and Execution of Self-Motivated Deception within a Morally Accountable Context (Mentor: William Gehring)

Marisa Perera – A Look at Emotional and Physical Health in Asian Americans: Are There Emic and/or Etic Differences in Relationship of Coping Style with Health? (Mentor: Edward Chang)

Richard Smith – Interpersonal Relations within Higher Education: African American Student Engagement and Affect Associated with Previous Racial Experiences (Mentor: Rob Sellers)

Wai Him Yam – Effect of Mindfulness Training on Heart Rate Variability in PTSD Patients (Mentor: Israel Liberzon)

Sasha Zarins – Tell a Tall Tale and Watch a Narcissist Fail: Narcissism and Lie Detection Via Email (Mentor: Sara Konrath)

Yu Zhang – Age Differences in Risk-Taking: Validation of the Domain-Specific Risk-Taking Scale in China (Mentor: Richard Gonzalez)

Angie Zuo – Measuring Up: Social Comparisons on Facebook and Contributions to Self-Esteem and Mental Health (Mentor: L. Monique Ward)


Samantha Jones - Methamphetamine Affects Female Sexual Motivation in the Rat: A Quantitative Assessment (Mentor: Wayne Aldridge)

A. Zarina Kraal - Slow-Wave Activity and Memory of Self-Relevant Emotional Information in Major Depressive Disorder (Mentor: Patricia Deldin)

Leslie Rubin - Examining Differences in Health Perceptions, Subjective Experience, and Personality Across Smoking Groups (Mentor: Stephanie Preston)