Jocelyn Richard
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Biopsychology Graduate Student


General Research Interests:

I am primarily interested in the neural mechanisms of emotion and motivation, both positive and negative. as well as their implication for drug addiction, disordered eating, schizophrenia and other psychopathology. Specifically, I am looking at motivational gradients of feeding and fear induced by AMPA blockade within nucleus accumbens, in order to determine what differentiates these two types of motivation, and what neurobiological substrates they may have in common.

Current Projects:

  • Role of metabotropic glutamate receptors in motivation and affect
  • Cortical modulation of subcortically generated appetitive and fearful motivation
  • Role of accumbens dopamine receptor subtypes in appetitive and fearful motivation.
  • Prefrontal cortex and environmental modulation of accumbens gradients
  • Neural substrates of 'liking' and sensory pleasure


Following stereotaxic and/or oral cannulae surgery, rats recieve intracranial drug microinjections to examine the role of various neurochemical substrates in gross behavioral, locomotor, food intake, and/or taste reactivity paradigms.

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