Daniel Castro
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Biopsychology Graduate Student

email: castrod@umich.edu

General Research Interests:
My research is focused on understanding how pleasure-generating zones in the brain, called 'hedonic hotspots,' function and interact. Brain areas of specific interest are nucleus accumbens, ventral pallidum, lateral hypothalamus, prefrontal cortex, and parabrachial brainstem. Opioid and other peptide systems play a major role in my research.

Current Projects:

  • Comparing the effects of mu, delta, or kappa opioid receptor activation on pleasure 'liking' in the nucleus accumbens hedonic hotspot.
  • Examining how projections from the lateral hypothalamus can modulate pleasure 'liking' via its inputs to the ventral pallidum hedonic hotspot.
  • Exploring the possibilityof cortical hedonic hotspots in prefrontal and insular cortices.

Optogenetics, cranial/oral cannula implants, microinjections, taste reactivity, food intake.