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Program Statistics

Statistics for Psychology

Each application season we receive numerous questions about the specifics of what the program desires regarding scores, experience, grades, etc.

In order to answer some of those questions this page attempts to give a broad picture over time of what sorts of skills and capabilities our incoming cohort possesses, averaged over the last five years. 

None of these scores are absolute cut-offs; we also want applicants to consider that our committees are looking at the whole picture of an applicant, not any one particular facet of your application.

These figures below represent the most recent numbers of what the department submits to the APA Graduate Study each Spring. The APA Graduate Study is a tool for people looking at graduate schools to apply to as a way to assess what graduate programs fit their goals. For more information regarding the online resource please click here.

Area Statistics

This represents the overall averages broken down by each Program Area.

Area Degrees Awarded 2016-2017 Years to Completion GPA GRE-V GRE-Q GRE-W
BIO 3 4.97 3.23 161 158 4.6
CCN 2 5.48 3.91 159 161 4.4
CLIN 5 5.97 3.63 165 158 5.1
DEV 3 5.29 3.58 156 161 4.4
PSC 1 4.97 3.47 157 155 4.4
SOC 3 5.29 3.89 164 160 4.5


How Different Materials are Weighted

For our Psychology Program this is generally how pieces are rated. 

This varies slightly from year to year.

Criteria Low Medium High
Research Experience     X
Work Experience     X
Letters of Recommendation     X
Interview     X
Statement of Goals and Objectives     X
GRE Scores   X  
GPA   X  
Undergraduate major in Psychology   X  
Clinically Related Public Service X    
Extracurricular Activity X    
Specific Undergraduate Psychology courses taken X