Logan Burley
Sylvia Gisler
Abbey Hamlin
Marisa Meyer
Shannon Shaughnessy
Amanda Szczesniak
Giselle Uwera
Alexandra Wormley
Cooper Wrona

The Department of Psychology presented awards to several undergraduates for their outstanding work this year:

  • Logan Burley won the W.P. Tanner Memorial Award for his innovative research on how people perceive the gender of faces. Thesis mentors: Susan Gelman and Victor Mendoza.
  • Sylvia Gisler won the Lorraine Nadelman Honors Thesis Award in Developmental Psychology for her thesis titled “Developing Morphological Awareness: Predictive Characteristics of Production Errors.” Thesis mentor: Ioulia Kovelman.
  • Abbey Hamlin won an Albert C. Cain Honors Award for her thesis titled “Which aspects of social engagement are most strongly associated with episodic memory performance in older adults?” Thesis advisor: Laura Zahodne. 
  • Marisa Meyer won a W.B. Pillsbury Prize for her thesis exploring the role of digital play in child development. Thesis advisors: Shelly Scheier and Jennifer Radesky.
  • Shannon Shaughnessy won a Martha Muenzer Memorial Award for her thesis titled “Character Strengths and Their Influence on Social Relationships in Children.” Thesis advisor: Sandra Graham-Bermann.
  • Amanda Szczesniak won a W.B. Pillsbury Prize for her thesis examining the influence of marital commitment on mate guarding. Thesis mentor: Stephanie Preston.
  • Giselle Uwera won an Anne Rudo Memorial Scholarship for her research examining the effect of perceptions of food scarcity on attitudes towards food. Thesis mentor: Allison Earl.
  • Alexandra Wormley won an Albert C. Cain Honors Award for her research on the relationship between traditional values and disease threat. Thesis mentor: Josh Ackerman.
  • Cooper Wrona won the Schwabauer Internship Award for his remarkable commitment to improving the lives of others through service learning and community engagement. He will complete a paid internship at Glacier Hills Senior Living Community in Ann Arbor this summer.