If you often hit that midafternoon slump and feel drowsy at your desk, you're not alone. The number of working Americans who get less than seven hours of sleep a night is on the rise.

And the people hardest hit when it comes to sleep deprivation are those we depend on the most for our health and safety: police and health care workers, along with those in the transportation field, such as truck drivers.

Even in less stressful jobs than health care or public safety, anxiety about things such as deadlines at work, pressure on the job or taking care of kids can take a toll on sleep, according to University of Michigan clinical psychologist Todd Arnedt, who specializes in treating patients with insomnia. "Probably the most common thing I hear from people is that 'I'm not able to shut my mind down at night, my mind is running about what I've got to do the next day.' "

Arnedt says he's seeing more and more people come in, complaining they can't get enough sleep. For many patients, he says, their fast-paced life just doesn't leave much room for sleep.

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