(FOX 2) - What are the hottest brands out there this season? Well, they're not Gucci, Jordan or Apple. The in-demand brand names are Charmin, Cottonelle and Northern ... toilet paper.

It's a necessity but who would have predicted toilet paper would be sold out just about everywhere? I understand the demand for masks and hand sanitizer - this is the coronavirus we are fighting.  But why does everyone want toilet paper?"

Dr. Stephanie Preston is a professor of psychology at University of Michigan. She says part of it has to do with social cues.

"(They are saying) 'Everybody is buying toilet paper, I better buy toilet paper too.'"

And while that may explain the panic buying at the start of the hysteria, why a month or so in are the shelves still bare in the bathroom tissue aisle?

"Supply chains which are good at managing and reducing costs, are horrendous at being responsive," said Dr. Steven A. Melnyk.

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