APS Annual Convention | May 25-28 | Washington Hilton | Washington, D.C.

U-M Department of Psychology Reception: Saturday, May 27 from 4-5:30PM | Piscataway Room, Main Lobby Level

The following Department of Psychology faculty and students will present at the convention. Please visit the APS website for more information, including a complete convention schedule.


APS Award Recipients

Kent Berridge: APS William James Fellow Award

Nuo (Lori) Chen: 2023 RISE Research Award for Student Poster

Vonnie McLoyd: APS William James Fellow Award

Robert Sellers: APS Mentor Award



Kent Berridge: "Pleasure, Desire, and Addiction in the Brain" (William James Fellow Award Lecture)


Symposium Speakers

Micaela Rodriguez: "Coming Together to Reduce Loneliness: Leveraging Multimodal Data and Methods to Understand Loneliness, Its Consequences, and Its Treatment"

Hans Schroeder: "Beliefs about Chemical Imbalances, Genetics, and Emotions in Depression and Addiction: Relations with Treatment Attitudes and Self-Efficacy"


Poster Presenters

Shayan Asadi: "Are the Criteria Used to Diagnose Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Biased? Examining Criterion Contamination for BPD Criteria Based on Sexual Orientation"

Elias Chandarlis: "The Ethnic Similarities and Differences of the Relationship between Empathic Concern, Principle of Care, Social Trust and Prosocial Behaviors across Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Participants"

Nuo (Lori) Chen: "Women from Minority Ethnolinguistic Communities Struggle to Access United States Healthcare"

Christina Costa: "Positive Psychology and Disability: Disability As Human Strength"

Gabrielle Kubi: "I'm Going to Try to Make a Better Path... for the New Era of Us: Critical Conversation Spaces As Consciousness-Raising Contexts for Young Black Women"

Tanner Nichols: "Earned Interest: Behavior Surrounding Wealth Disparities in a Public Goods Game"

Yiyan Wang: "How Does Children's Trust Evolve in a Repeated Trust Game?"

T. Ariel Yang: "Negative Sexual Messaging Is Associated with Sex Guilt"

Yue Zhang: "Associations between Person-Specific Reward Processing Neural Networks and Internalizing Symptoms in Adolescents"