Three Psychology Professors have been awarded a Collegiate Professorship, one of the highest honors the College has available for active faculty members.

  • Richard D. Gonzalez, Amos N. Tversky Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Statistics, LSA

  • Richard L. Lewis, John R. Anderson Collegiate Professor of Psychology, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, LSA

  • Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Michael I. Posner Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, LSA

"Collegiate professors should be exemplars of our aspirations for excellence in all areas of our intellectual life together.  They should be outstanding in scholarship, as well as both undergraduate and graduate teaching, and be among those who provide significant leadership in the Unit, the College, or the University."

Congratulations to Professor Gonzalez, Professor Rick Lewis, and Professor Reuter-Lorenz!