What are diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and how do these critical considerations show up in the work of members of the Department of Psychology? The Diversity Committee takes up these questions in a new initiative called “This Is DEI.” Through brief (5-7 minute) interviews this initiative features the research, teaching and service of the broad cross-spectrum of students and faculty who are engaged in the work of understanding human diversity, issues of equity and justice. Our hope is to shed light on the range of ways that we as a community think about and study identities, history, power, access to opportunities, discrimination, and justice. We also hope to shed light on how those considerations show up in teaching, mentoring relationships, and in the volunteer and advocacy work of members of our community. 

Every 3 weeks we will share a new conversation. We begin with Nicole Gardner-Neblett (Developmental), Laura Zahodne (Clinical), Sara McClelland (Gender and Feminist Psychology/Personality and Social Contexts), and Koji Takahasi (Social). We look forward to these posts as opportunities to spark dialogues and collaborations, and to open us up to new possibilities for working and connecting more deeply as a community.

We thank Veronica Derricks and the members of the Diversity Committee for their work on this initiative. We hope you will take a moment to look out for new posts.