Starbucks has divided the world of coffee enthusiasts into two categories: those who actually want cake but feel bad about eating cake first thing in the morning so they drink dessert coffee instead, and those who want artisanal pour-overs (no room for cream). Still, even those who wouldn't be caught dead in a Starbucks in June can't get to one fast enough in the fall, when everyone drops their pretensions for the pumpkin spice latte.

Yes folks, it's time—and this year, it's earlier than ever. Starting August 28th, the sugary, salty, and incredibly fatty drink will officially flood our social media feeds. We know it's about 10 decibels too sweet to be anything but unhealthy, yet the PSL just will not die. What gives? Really smart marketing and the science of a perfectly engineered brain bomb.

In 2015, researchers out of the University of Michigan found that processed foods with high doses of carbohydrates that are absorbed quickly by the body (so, sugar) are closely related to food addiction.

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