Jill Becker - Neal Miller Distinguished lecture: Sex Differences in Addiction: lessons from animal models

Harley Dutcher & Sara McClelland - Who Were You Thinking About? Women's Interpretations of a Body Esteem Scale

David Dunning - Knowing the Limits of Our Knowledge in a Post-Truth World

Ashley Gearhardt - Advances in Substance Use Disorder Research: Is Addiction a Psychiatric Disorder and Does it Matter?”: Can Food Be Addictive

Sara McClelland - Beyond the Buzzword---What (Really) Is Social Justice and What Does It Mean for Psychology?

Sara McClelland - What's in the Item Counts Too: Qualitative Analysis of Abortion Measures in U.S. Research

Laura Zahodne (Div20 Program Co-Chair)

  • Advancing Health Justice: Life Course Determinants of Racial Disparities
  • Mitigating Cognitive Decline in Adults: Potential Resilience in the Face of Aging, Genetics, and Disease
  • Modern-Day Strategies to Support and Market your Research Program